Three of the Best UK Property and Renovation Shows of the Last 20 Years

At the turn of the noughties, the global property market was a beacon for investors from all around the world. This boom spawned a number of popular home and renovation programs in the UK, through which experts shared their knowledge and enabled developers to cut costs, save time and optimise profit. This genre came crashing to a halt after the great recession, however, as multiple investors lost their assets and demand for such programs declined considerably.

There are a select few television programs to have survived the test of time and economic hardship, and here are three of our favorites:

Property Ladder

A show that truly engaged young professionals and first-time buyers, Sarah Beeney’s Property Ladder dominated the genre in the mid-noughties.  Focusing on developers who were keen to launch a new career and generate income through real estate, Beeney’s used her own experience and expertise to help novice’s become more efficient and achieve their financial goals. The show has evolved to suit the economic climate since the great recession, however, focusing on low-cost renovations and the importance of frugality for aspiring developers.


A heart-warming program at the other end of the real estate spectrum, DIY: SOS reached out to individuals who had fallen on hard times and lived in difficult conditions. Whether their house needed to be modified to cope with the needs of a disabled resident or simply refreshed after an inept building project, BBC’s cheerful and enduring popular team (led by the charismatic Nick Knowles) would complete an incredible refurbishment in a matter of days before unveiling the results to the owners. Nick is busy with other projects now, but this show arguably became even more popular after the recession.

Homes Under the Hammer

Now fronted by former Aston Villa and Manchester United striker Dion Dublin, Homes under the Hammer is a must-watch for anyone interested in property auctions. Its unique angle has guaranteed its popularity with UK audiences, especially among those with an interest in the sell house fast market and entry-level real estate development. Numerous first-timers go on the show in an attempt to secure a bargain for their initial development, hoping to turn a profit that can set them up for a long-term career in the industry.

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