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Sometimes relationships just don’t work out. And sometimes we run out of list ideas for this website. Enter National Ex-Spouse Day.

ABC’s The Goldbergs has settled in as one of the best sitcoms on this year’s schedule, and you can bet your binder full of Garbage Pail Kids (“they’re gonna be worth millions”) that it’s a huge reason ABC is owning Tuesday nights.

Was the moon landing faked? What happened to the youngest daughter on Family Matters? Why is the ceiling of the Huxtable’s basement so damn high?

[Big time SPOILERS below, you've been warned.] What the hell was that? Who? Where? WHAT? That’s how we all reacted Tuesday night as the show that comic book fans love to bitch about threw us something new. Every one of us is going crazy trying to figure out who this thing is and where the [...]

Some because they seemed very homey, others for more simple reasons, such as having multiple staircases (seriously, why is that SO cool? And why did SO many television homes have that feature?).

Castle/Mondays at 10:00PM EST on ABC ¬† Castle reeks of wretched ’70s TV, a Bill Bixby or Robert Urich¬†series pitched to executives after an extra-long martini lunch. Bixby or Urich would commit, of course, but it’d have to get the green-light before either one admitted to any interest. The green-light would actually work twofold then, [...]