The 24 Least Insurable Characters in Television and Movies

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

Jack Bauer returns in 24: Live Another Day tonight on FOX.

May 2 was National Life Insurance Day.

These two thoroughly unrelated things got us thinking: who are the most uninsurable characters in television and movies past and present? Whether due to extreme clumsiness, habitual carelessness, or a dangerous line of work, these are the 24 (see what we did there?) least insurable characters in movies and television:

Clark Griswold | Vacation franchise

Steve Urkel | Family Matters

Jack Bauer | 24

Oliver Queen | Arrow

Brick Tamland | Anchorman

Colt SeaversĀ | The Fall Guy

Rose Nylund | The Golden Girls

Any superhero without powers and/or a protective suit/device

Wile E. Coyote | Looney Tunes

Every character in Clue

Kenny | South Park

Pete Campbell | Mad Men

Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor | Home Improvement

GOB and Buster Bluth | Arrested Development

gob buster bluth gif

KITT | Knight Rider

The White family | Breaking Bad

Jack Tripper | Three’s Company

Tony Soprano | The Sopranos

Chuck Bartowski | Chuck

Alan Garner | The Hangover

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