7 Iconic Movies Released in 2007

by Staff & Contributors on August 2, 2017

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Ten years have already passed between now and 2007, making it the perfect time to enjoy some of these classic (yes, they’re old enough to be referred to as classics) movie masterpieces. Get your popcorn ready and prepare to feel old as we go through seven of the most iconic 2007 Hollywood releases.

1. Superbad

Michael Sera and Jonah Hill play as Seth and Evan, two liquor hungry teens hoping to get laid at a graduation party by offering to score alcohol. The hilarious adventure starts with a failed attempt at using a fake ID at a corner shop, followed by a robbery gone wrong where two bored cops involved. All in all an entertaining and incredibly random plot that will definitely get a few laughs out of you.

2. Transformers

Regardless of your thoughts on the subsequent movies, the first Transformers was legendary in its own unique way. Extra-terrestrial robots fight their war on planet Earth, turn into cars, and do all kinds of cool stuff while Megan Fox is eye boggled by a pre-beefcake Shia LaBeouf (playing Sam Witwicky). There are even more sequels to be released in the coming years, so if you haven’t had enough of car-alien species wars you’re in for a treat!

3. Ocean’s Thirteen

After Ocean’s Eleven, where Danny Ocean (played by George Clooney) seeks revenge on a corrupt casino owner for putting him in prison. He gathers his crew and robs a bunch of Vegas casinos, and after their successful first heist, the gang assembles again in Ocean’s Twelve to continue robbing casinos, but in Europe. In Ocean’s Thirteen, however, the plot thickens for the third and final time. The first movie’s angry casino owner Willy Bank betrays another one of the gang’s original heisters, resulting in even more robberies and clever banter in one of the best casino heist movies ever made.

4. American Gangster

Denzel Washington plays a mobster’s driver named Frank Lukas who seizes a once in a lifetime opportunity to rise the mob ranks once his boss dies. The plot is packed with corruption, money laundering, murder and other gory stuff in various casinos and nightclubs, making it one of the best mob movies of all time. Frank’s antics help him climb the corrupt mob hierarchy, but grabs the attention of retired cop Richie Roberts, played by Russel Crowe, who attempts to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

5. Hairspray

Aside from John Travolta’s hilarious role as Tracy Turnblad’s mother, Hairspray was a pretty heartwarming film that took a lighthearted approach to depicting Baltimore in the 1960s. While not nearly as absurd as the slot game rendition of John Travolta in PartyGaming’s Saturday Night Fever game, it comes pretty close. Getting back to the plot: dancing queen Tracy wins a spot on the fictional “Corny Collins Show”, and aside from Tracy’s everyday girl turned celebrity story, the movie sheds light on the social issues of era like racial segregation and black rights.

6. I am Legend

If you’re in the mood for a good cry and missed it the first time around, watch Will Smith play brilliant scientist Robert Neville, who faces the devastating loneliness of being the last living person on Earth. Mankind essentially destroys the world with a plague, and a new species of mutant zombie-like things who feast on all life and hide in the darkness run rampant on the streets of New York City. Be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster and get your tissues ready for some serious feels.

7. Planet Terror

A band of unlikely heroes, as cliché as it sounds, band together in a small Texas town to defeat hordes of zombies. Included in the troupe is a go-go dancer named Cherry, who you may remember as the girl who accessorized her stump leg with a fully functioning machine gun, her ex-boyfriend, and various other characters in this classic and typically gory Robert Rodriguez masterpiece.

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