The Top Gadgets for Your Bedroom

by Staff & Contributors on August 10, 2017

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Gadgets in today’s world are a necessity. From cell phones to autonomous vacuum cleaner; we rely on electronics to make our lives easier and more comfortable. With that in mind here are a few gadgets perfect for the most comfortable part of the house, the bedroom.

TV Beds

In an age where series binges and movie marathons are a must, one has to imagine what is the best way to enjoy such moments. From bed springs to mind, and what better way to enjoy series than from a TV installed into your bed. TV beds are no longer a fever dream. The flat screen television rises out of the foot of the bed like a monolith. What’s more the beds themselves are impressive with sizes up to ‘Super Kingsize’ to really give you that palatial feel.



Notion is like something out of future. Defined as Home Intelligence, it is a security program that sends information direct to your mobile. From doors being left open, to water leaks, to testing how much gas you have left in heater.

The system works off sensors connected to a central hub in the house. Over wifi these devices talk to one another and message you with incredible accuracy. Notion can tell you if someone knocks on a door, and who opens it. This Kickstarter project goes much further than your rudimentary security systems. What better way to keep an eye on the house than from your very own bed.


Amazon Echo

Echo is a Smart Home Speaker system which really does make life easier. The speaker is connected to the internet via wifi and your attendant, Alexa, is on hand to answer every whim. Whether it’s asking for the news headlines in the morning, setting a timer for your roast, or listening to music at a party.

The speaker itself is incredibly sensitive and can pick up your voice across a room. What’s more it has been going from strength to strength since 2014 with years of development ensuring you get the finished article.


Smart Lights

The worst thing to have to do; is get up out of a warm bed to turn off the lights. Fortunately the smartphone is here to save the day. With a multitude of smart lights apps around you’ll find turning lights on or off, or even dimming and changing colors can be done with relative ease. Using LED’s saves on electricity and are much kinder to the environment than their filament relatives.

Furthermore the ability to change colors and brightness means your room will always suit your mood. Be it soft lighting for a romantic dinner, vibrant colors for a birthday, or even just a brightness suited to working from home.

The bedroom has never been more relaxing, with futuristic gadgets, plush furnishings, and your series binge awaiting, you can rest easy in the comfort of your own home.

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