Celebrities You Can Meet on Dating Sites

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck on May 16, 2014

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At the digital era a traditional way of meeting new people and searching for your love gives place to a new one that is online dating. It takes a few minutes to download you picture and to write some words about your interests and a person you want to meet.  That’s the whole story of how to join the online dating world and make your dream come true. Dating sites as well as uk.cupid.com try their best to optimize the search for ‘the one’ and make it comfortable for its members to stay online or offline (in case with mobile applications). Celebrities like any other ordinary people are not slow to take advantage of these benefits and try other ways of meeting people. So, here they are.

Deborah Ann Woll

With the help of a dating site in 2008, the Daredevil actress found a boyfriend, and they are still together now.  As statistics show, only 17% of couples who meet each other in the online dating world swear eternal love at the altar. So, let’s not be pessimistic and wish Deborah fall into 17% happy category.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is not only a pop icon, but also a single mother of two children and a fresh user of a popular dating site. Mariah allegedly joined the site in order to increase sales of the single she presented at that time. We’ll stick to the opinion that this popular singer, like ordinary folks, hopes to find her significant one after two marriages.

Matthew Perry

It’s hard to believe that a man whose been in relationships with leading women such as Julia Roberts and Heather Graham has decided to take his chances with a virtual dating space. However, his choice of a dating service was not usual- he joined a site exclusively aimed at connecting the hearts of wealthy singles.  As far as mass media report, that step was not followed by any wedding announcement (yet).

Lily Allen

Generally, if a person registers on a dating site, it means that he/she is alone, divorced, a widower/widow, or just separated. Lily Allen’s status is none of the above. She has two children, and she has a husband. Nevertheless, that did not prevent her from downloading a popular hookup application in 2014.


Adele’s intention to find the love via dating sites is without the least hidden motive such as to boost sales of her album. To separate her popular identity from her identity striving to stop loneliness Adele created a profile without any picture. Having done this she did not have to communicate with people who were interested only in her fame. As of now the singer is not alone. She is happy with her boyfriend Simon Konecki and her son.

Rivers Cuomo

Nothing popular is alien to a rock man. Rivers Cuomo, the Weezer frontman, had recourse to dating sites. Though, there he did not find a woman to share a life with, in 2006 he reunited with a girl he knew in college.


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