The 80s – A Daily Tribute to the Greatest Decade of Them All

Mr. Serious Presents: A Love Letter to Batman ’89

Twenty five years ago today, my life changed.

Apoca-LIST | 5 Masters of the Universe You Want on Your Side in Case of Apocalypse

If you manage to survive long enough to experience full-on apocalyptic conditions, here are five Masters of the Universe you want on your side.

10 Ways ‘The Golden Girls’ Was Way Before Its Time

Did you know Rose got Catfished in 1986?

18 Reasons You Should Be Watching ‘The Goldbergs’ on ABC

ABC’s The Goldbergs has settled in as one of the best sitcoms on this year’s schedule, and you can bet your binder full of Garbage Pail Kids (“they’re gonna be worth millions”) that it’s a huge reason ABC is owning Tuesday nights.

What if 80s Cartoon Characters Wrote Dirty Messages on Candy Hearts?

Cartoon characters can sound pretty dirty when you put their catchphrases on candy hearts.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

Let’s Break Down the Radio Shack 80s Tribute Super Bowl Ad

Here are a few Radio Shack 80s ad gifs that feature the action from start to finish. It truly is a whirlwind of nostalgia.

Casting the Reboot: The Thundercats

From the internet’s lips to Jaga’s ears, Thunderians unite!

Fully Functional NES Inside an NES Cartridge Gives You More Room for Activities

The game is coming from… INSIDE THE GAME!

For Better or Worse, Here are 22 Things From the 80s We Haven’t Tried to Reboot (Yet)

For every Nightmare on Elm Street, Dallas, and Dukes of Hazzard, however, there are plenty of 80s shows, movies and products that remain untouched.

RING in the New Year: 7 Must-Have Novelty Phones from the 80s

Back in the day, three basic items were needed to transform your bedroom from a kiddie’s playroom into a teenager’s palace: a stereo, a television, and a telephone. And though it was nice to dub mixtapes or play Tecmo Bowl at your discretion, the privacy of your own phone became the greatest amenity as you […]

Podcast #86 – Spotlight Series | 1986 (feat. Lamar Revenger)

From Peter Cetera to the Iran Contra Affair, from Crocodile Dundee to You Again? it’s covered.

9 Adorable Baby Nicknames Based on 80s Cartoon Characters

Who knew Masters of the Universe, Jem, and G.I. Joe characters would make such great baby nicknames?

7 Current Kids’ Toys That Will Appeal to Your Inner Child of the 80s

Current moms and dads are far more likely to splurge on that toy for junior if it reminds them of the carefree days of yore.

Podcast #85 – Spotlight Series: 1985

This week the gang welcomes Howie back as UnderScoopFire starts a new spotlight series podcast. This first spotlight show takes us back to 1985 to discuss what was popular in TV, movies, toys, music, games, comic books and other fads. It’s “powerful stuff”. Three ways to play: Listen / Download Episode #85 on iTunes Listen / […]

It’s Saturday Night, Brother! Get Pumped with this Collection of Vintage ‘Saturday Night’s Main Event’ Ads

Relive the Saturday nights of your childhood with this collection of ads and screenshots!