The 80s – A Daily Tribute to the Greatest Decade of Them All

The 10 Coolest Skull-Themed Knock-Off Action Figures of All Time

Collecting knock-off action figures is a growing niche market. In search of the exceptional and weird, collectors are willing to pay good money for these toys, especially Masters of the Universe knock-offs.

This Guy Just Built Your Childhood Bedroom Out of LEGO

Check out this spot on LEGO version of every kid’s bedroom in the 1980s.

Re-Creating My Dad’s Long Lost 1986 Treadmill Mix Tape

When any of these songs come on I (consciously or otherwise) identify it as a trusty treadmill mix tape warhorse, a 3-minute fitness anthem from a long gone era.

The 30th Anniversary of the Sitcom Episode that Scared the Sh*t Out of Every 80s Kid

No, not that episode of Diff’rent Strokes. Or that one.

The Most Impressive Guide to 80s Movie Character Costumes on the Internet

If you’re visiting this site, these costumes are right in your wheelhouse.

See How Much These 59 Fireball Island Sets from Around the World are Going for on Ebay

This ebay lot hails from the personal collection of the greatest Fireball Island collector on record, which, as nerd legacies go, ain’t a shabby title to hold.

Trick or Treating in the 80s – The 7 Worst Halloween Treats

Charlie Brown’s “I got a rock” got me thinking: I did get some “tricks” back when I was trick-or-treating in the mid 80s. They might have been intended to be treats, but some of the stuff I received was downright nasty.

Where Are They Now? Step By Step’s Angela Watson

We know where Staci Keanan and Christine Lakin are. So where did the other sister go?

Where Are They Now: The Sad and Hilarious Downfall of All of Your Favorite 80s and 90s Cartoons

WOW, He-Man really let himself go.

Three Retro Cartoons with a Message for Today’s Kids

Which old cartoons have messages that are so important that we should dust them off and share them with our kids? Here are some to consider.

New Trademark Request May Excite Children of the 80s and 90s

Paging Mr. Moschitta – “Hasbro is on line 1.”

KITT, Batmobile, Ecto-1, Bigfoot, TMNT Van & more as Transformers

Here are a few pieces from Darren Rawlings’ ‘If They Could Transform’ collection, depicting iconic pop culture vehicles as Transformers. Yes, it looks as awesome as it sounds.

As You’d Expect, Donna Dixon from ‘Bosom Buddies’ Discovered a New Kind of Dinosaur

Kip Wilson’s girlfriend went on to discover A NEW DINOSAUR, *AND* the Aykroyd family goes on dinosaur gigs! Too. Much. Information.

QUIZ: Who is Your 80s Spirit Animal?

Are you more Skeletor than E.T? Or does your personality line up more with someone like She-Ra or Voltron? Find out now!

Podcast #99 – Summer of 89!

The boys reminisce about the Summer of 1989, from Dr. Jones to the Dark Knight, Turner & Hooch to Karate Kid III.