This Guy Just Built Your Childhood Bedroom Out of LEGO

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck on December 18, 2014

in LEGO, The 80s

Check out this spot on LEGO version of every kid’s bedroom in the 1980s. Flickr user LegoJalex has crafted this perfect LEGO tribute to children of the 80s, how many staples of the 80s kid bedroom can you spot?

My favorite touch is the G.I. Joe Snow Cat on the bottom shelf (next to the View-Master), but the Optimus Prime on the desk is perfect too. LegoJalex nailed this build. If you dig this one, check out his 70s kitchen– the only thing missing are the oversized wooden spoons hanging on the wall.

Check out some of LegoJalex’s other builds if you’re a fellow child of the 80s – these mini monster trucks are the closest thing to LEGO Micro Machines you’ll ever see, and his Inspector Gadget LEGO Minifigures are pretty rad too.

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