The Most Impressive Guide to 80s Movie Character Costumes on the Internet

Besides body switches, misplaced montages, and adorable alien friends, one thing 80s movies gave us were some incredible Halloween costume ideas.

Known for their distinctive wardrobes, 80s movie characters are some of the most recognizable in all of pop culture. As part of Found Item Clothing’s annual Halloween Costume Extravaganza, they’ve compiled the most impressive¬†guide to 80s movie character costumes on the internet.

After a late-night viewing of Real Genius, and based on a strong desire for an I ♥¬†Toxic Waste t-shirt, the idea for Found Item Clothing was born. Since then, the site has expanded to include shirts from a host of 80s movies as well as a comprehensive 80s movie character costume guide.

The guide features loads of costumes based on 80s movie characters, with group and couples costumes (such as Dirty Dancing, Stand By Me, and Rain Man) as well as individual classics (see: Snake Plissken, Goose, Danny Noonan). If you’re visiting this site, these costumes are right in your wheelhouse. Police Academy, Major League, and Teen Wolf are among the many fantastic 80s movie costumes available here.

Check out a few of the selections below and visit Found Item Clothing to browse the entire selection!

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