80s and 90s Ninjas Who Clearly Needed More Training

The ninja craze highlights the inherent problem with unique and invincible warriors in pop culture: the story is not entertaining if one side always wins.

Where Are They Now? Lucy Deakins

Love at first sight. I will admit, this 12 year old was smitten with Cammie, the waitress townie that Chet falls for during the family vacation.

Memorygasm – You’re Gonna Love it in an Instant

Back with another Memorygasm, this one being one of the hardest 80s ad jingles to get out of your head.

10 Things that Make Children of the 80s Feel Really Old, and MUCH MORE!

This space will be the home for our ongoing 2013 RetroCon coverage!

7 Reasons the Opening Theme of Scooby Doo: Where Are You? Made You Lose Sleep

From the very first frames of the Scooby Doo: Where Are You? opening theme (the bats flying in the foreground past the dimly lit mansion), the show never let up on the creepy imagery.

Here are 7 of the scariest images from the opening theme of Scooby Doo: Where Are You?.

Memorygasm – Leisure Home Designs of 1980

I grew up in a house built in the 60s, so pretty standard from a design standpoint. But I knew of a few homes that were built in the 80s and bucked architectural norms in favor of that distinct 80s design. Check out a few drawings below, and I’ll share an embarrassing childhood story after the pics.

Memorygasm | New York Seltzer, New York Deli

What was with 80s marketing and product development firms deciding that the whole nation wanted everything they ate and drank to be from New York City?

‘The Pursuit of Cool’ by Robb Skidmore: A Crash Course in 80s Punk Rock [EXCERPT]

Robb Skidmore’s The Pursuit of Cool is a critically acclaimed novel about a ragingly ambitious, pop culture obsessed, tragically romantic young man who tries to find “cool” while attending college during the 1980s. The novel is full of the music, movies and television of that era. The main character, Lance Rally, in search of the […]

Memorygasm – The Haunted Toys R Us on That’s Incredible!

In 1980 Time Magazine named That’s Incredible “The Most Sadistic” show on television, perhaps due to stories like the one below.