Memorygasm – Poochie Girls Say What’s On Their Mind

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

There was once a time when females couldn’t say how they felt (see: Mad Men).

Luckily, in 1982 Mattel launched the ‘burning bra’ of 80s toys – Poochie! Poochie came with pencils, paper, stamps and other adolescent communication stimulators, encouraging school girls across America to further alienate their confused future suitors.

Here was one of the Poochie TV ads. The girl that chastises the boy who (so ignorantly) calls Poochie “a dog with pink ears” summarizes why I was so afraid of females from 1982-1996. He makes by all accounts an astute assumption about Poochie, going out of his way to break the ice and initiate contact with the girl, and gets nothing but pink-eared dog shit for it.

In my mind the “It’s not a dog, it’s Poochie!” reply she gives him is immediately followed by an off-camera “Turn around, shut the fudge up and never talk to me again, shit for brains”, which is why I feared girls. Sarcastic, sharp tongued, mean mean girls. The “I Love You” stamped note she gives him at the end is nothing but a thinly veiled psychological torture device.

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