UnderScoopFire LOST Request & Dedications II

The Long Distance Dedication made its debut on the August 26, 1978 broadcast of the American Top 40. To read more about the history of the Request and Dedication, check out the first installment in this series, where we heard from K.I.T.T. and Optimus Prime. As the story goes, UnderScoopFire was able to uncover some […]

The Rise and Fall of the Garbage Pail Kids

Ten years prior to the Pokemon frenzy in the late 1990s, the Garbage Pail Kids ruled the trading card world. But what happened?

The 80s Court: Sting vs. The Police

Welcome to the first edition of The 80s Court! In the upcoming months, I’ll be putting on my long black robe and arbitrating 80s cases…Wapner style! Our first series of cases will examine popular bands that split in the 80s. We’ll see if those balloon-headed prima donne lead singers were justified in launching solo careers […]