5 Reasons ‘Bad Dudes’ is the Ultimate 80s Video Game

Are you a bad enough dude to read this article?

Memorygasm – Poochie Girls Say What’s On Their Mind

Luckily, in 1982 Mattel launched the ‘burning bra’ of 80s toys – Poochie! Poochie came with pencils, paper, stamps and other adolescent communication stimulators, encouraging school girls across America to further alienate their confused future suitors.

Monday Memorygasm – America’s Dairy Farmers helping you get laid

A catchy slogan wasn’t going to be enough to move units though, so when something needs selling, the marketing folks call in the big guns: SEX. We all know sex sells. If it worked for cigarettes and Disney movies it would work for milk too, right?

Monday Memorygasm – The Hugga Bunch were way more twisted than you remember

If you were ever given one of these as a child, my deepest condolences.

Monday Memorygasm – Tomy Pocket Bots and Strolling Bowling

I’m not sure if I even had any of them, or just saw them on TV or at a friends’ house, but they were rad as hell.

Memorygasm – “He-Man Smells Trouble”

The “trouble” He-Man is smelling in this 1985 Golden Book is a skunk-man who smells so pervasively of ass that he has to wear a special mask to filter out his own wretched stench. His name pretty much sums up how I feel about the entire MOTU franchise: Stinkor. Animals flee before him! Birds fall choking from […]

Monday Memorygasm – Tomy Waterful Ring Toss, Bobbing Bird

Seeing this picture instantly takes me back to the early 80s. My grandparents (like many other kids’ grandparents) moved to Florida after they retired. When I’d go visit them with my mom and dad, they always had a few toys like this one laying around in the garage. I’d spend hours pumpin’ that button trying […]

Memorygasm – The Lamborghini Countach Takeover

The Lamborghini Countach was an Italian “supercar” produced from 1974-1990. Sports Car International placed it #3 on their list of Top Sports Cars of the 1970s, and it clocked in at #10 on their Top Sports Cars of the 1980s list, but somewhere around 1984 it became #1 in every American boy’s heart. Exotic sports cars had always been a […]

Monday Memory-gasm – The 1984 TV Guide

Welcome to the first installment of a new feature, the Monday Memory-gasm.   On no morning of the week is a burst of brain-warming nostalgia needed more than Mondays, and we’ll have you covered. The first Memorygasm™ comes from our new contributor 2W2N, who runs 2 Warps to Neptune. 2W2N came of age in the same […]