Memorygasm – Leisure Home Designs of 1980

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

UnderScoopFire contributor 2W2N posted these great 1980 leisure home design images on his site and it sparked some memories.

Were there any homes like this in your neighborhood?

I grew up in a house built in the 60s, so pretty standard from a design standpoint. But I knew of a few homes that were built in the 80s and bucked architectural norms in favor of that distinct 80s design. Check out a few drawings below, hit up 2 Warps to Neptune for more, and I’ll share an embarrassing childhood story after the pics.

original image credit: Voices of East Anglia

OK, so this is one of those memories I have that give me douche chills whenever it comes to mind: one of my childhood best friends’ Godparents lived down the street from him. They lived in a house like this- massively arched ceilings, a cool upstairs that was a half-enclosed loft (like nothing I’d ever seen before in a house); a design in the same vein as what you see here.

One day I was at my friend’s house when his mom said she had to run over there for something, so we tagged along. When we got there I was so astonished by the house that I leaned over to my bud and said (and I warned you, this is so awkward): “Wow, now I see why they’re your Godparents, they live in HEAVEN.”

The worst part: he made me speak up and share my brilliance with everyone, soliciting the obligatory and forced “grown up laugh” that was undoubtedly followed by an inner “Who the fuck is this kid?”.

So yeah, 80s houses.


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