Woman Tries to Commit Suicide at Comic-Con, is Stopped by Kick Ass 2 Stuntmen

From Verbicide Magazine:

On Thursday, July 18, 2013, stuntmen Amos Carver, Gregg Sergeant and Scot Schecter were setting up a scaffolding for a movie premiere party to promote Kick-Ass 2 near an apartment complex near the convention when a woman — reportedly upset over a breakup — stepped onto the 14th floor balcony and began climbing over the railing.

The stuntmen dropped what they were doing, scaled a fence, and got permission to enter the building from the building’s manager. The woman’s apartment was unlocked, and they were able to get in behind her without being heard. Sargent caught her in a “hug” with both arms, and Carer and Scott put a harness on her to keep her in place.

Holy shit. Forget Batman vs. Superman and The Age of Ultron. These guys win.


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