Memorygasm | New York Seltzer, New York Deli

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

When I launched the Memorygasm as a recurring Monday morning feature, one of the first things I wanted to highlight was New York Seltzer.

Within days, I heard it mentioned on a podcast and our friend eclectik listed it among his Top 25 Sodas NOT Coke or Pepsi and even used the same fantasticly 80s image I was sittin’ on:

Regardless, I had to share some New York Seltzer thoughts. First off, this ad is amazingly 80s. The anthropomorphic bottles are so clearly inspired by the California Raisins (and everything else that grew arms, legs and sunglasses/a bandana in the 80s).

What was with 80s marketing and product development people deciding that the whole nation wanted everything they ate and drank to be from New York City(except salsa)? Remember these?

As if no other state in the nation could make a good potato chip or carbonate water. And by the looks of it the woman in the commercial is about to have a New York Deli-assisted ‘gasm of her own.

Is that a Fiero she hops into at the end? Please let that be a Fiero she hops into at the end.


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