Podcast #47 – The Top 10 Sitcoms of All Time

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck on September 5, 2012

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We’re back!


After our last episode (which was argubly our weirdest topic – giants thrashing parked airplanes?), we took a 3 week hiatus to re-examine this whole podcast thing.

I’m kidding – we’ll surely have MUCH odder episodes than that! Our producer took the family to Disney for some much needed rest & relaxation, and came back amped up to bring you some new weekly podcasts!

To get back into the swing of things, we decided to revisit a tried and true UnderScoopFormula – the Top 50 list! Once a month, we publish a list of the Top 50 somethings, and discuss the Top 10 of said somethings on a podcast episode.

Check out our podcast discussion of the 10 Funniest Movies of All Time (as part of our 50 Greatest Comedies of All Time list).

This month we tackle the greatest sitcoms of all time, and we field quite the team of tacklers!

In addition to the UnderScoopFire Roundtable Voltron, we welcome:

eclectik  – host of the eclectik discussion Podcast, honorary 6th Voltron lion.

Fogs – co-host of The (title pending) Movie Podcast, curator of Fogs Movie Reviews.

Hail Mary – UnderScoopFire’s own Brian Morin.


In all, 8 individuals ranked their favorite 50 sitcoms, submitted them to Tank, and he tabulated the results.

In this episode:

  • Heated debates about Scrubs, Friends, Seinfeld & more
  • We reveal the Top 10, and examine how we got there
  • Why some beloved shows didn’t make the list
  • An ice-cream based BJOTW
  • Becker is “fuckin’ baller”
AND the greatest sitcom clip/theme song montage you’ll ever hear – courtesy of Jason Gross (Rediscover the 80s):

UnderScoopFire Top Ten Greatest Sitcoms Montage by rediscoverthe80s

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Jason aka SockofFleagulls September 5, 2012 at 10:31 am

I like the format of the Top 50. It’s like putting together the football Hall of Fame and including active players. I don’t have to much of a problem with the newer shows ranking high because this list is to this date…most definitely will change (good or bad) if you did the list three years down the road.

I do agree with E though that the newer shows ranking high kinda looks like some classic shows are getting disrespected.

Will September 6, 2012 at 9:24 am

Good episode. Gotta agree with Eclectik that Murphy Brown could’ve been on the list. I mean, Seinfeld made it for its pop cultural ties, yet MB inspired a controversy with a Vice President!

The classics really got pushed to the side. It’s clear who grew up with syndication and who didn’t.

I have to ask: have any of the members of the Voltron watched Happy Endings? Some people think it’s a Friends clone, but it’s not that at all. I just don’t see how a list with New Girl could leave out a show like that, especially when they kinda appeal to the same audience, though Happy Endings is a bit smarter. Joe said there’s no way that New Girl was uneven, but the first quarter of the season was “Jess is so ditzy but so cute, ha ha”. It got stronger as it began to utilize its cast as an ensemble – something Happy Endings did from the start.

Howie Decker September 7, 2012 at 3:10 pm

I thought we had Happy Endings somewhere just outside of 50, but went back and didn’t see it. I know Googs is a big fan and has told me on multiple occasions that I would like it. I do like Casey Wilson. I’ll have to give it a shot at some point – I’ve seen bits of eps and liked what I saw.

Count Marzo September 6, 2012 at 4:57 pm

Ok I loved this episode!

I marked out over the mentioning of Bill Cosby’s picture pages and his Mortimer Ichibod marker. I was actually watching one of those on ebay last week and it ended up going for $270+ and the seller wasnt even sure if it worked.

Great discussion on a lot of great sitcoms. Sitcoms is another thing I can do many “confessions” for. I’ve never really watched Seinfeld or Friends even though almost everyone I know did. My top 50 would probably be a bit different than all you guys’ lists. I tended to avoid things that everyone was always talking about and tried to shove down my throat (Seinfeld). hah.

You guys should do a top 50 Sitcom characters or something next!Oh and the music montage at the end was f’ing amazing too!

OsakaJack September 12, 2012 at 2:21 am

What’s the deal with a new Herman’s Head? This is the first I’ve heard about this; and Google doesn’t offer up evidence.

I smell something fishy and it aint my underoos. Although, could be. They are my Monday/Tuesday pants. This being Wednesday.

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