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Previous Special Guests:
WWE Hall of Famer George “The Animal” Steele
Guinness World Record Holder John Moschitta Jr. (“Micro Machines/Fed Ex guy”)
Diamond Dallas Page
Grantland & Cheap Heat’s David Shoemaker AKA The Masked Man
ESPN writer and Author of “How Fantasy Sports Explains the World” AJ Mass

The UnderScoopFire Podcast Tribute to End All Tributes

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Good bye, UnderScoopFire Podcast.

Podcast #150 – The Finale

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This is it. This is the end.

Podcast #149 – The Force Awakens Review Debate Fight

It is a period of civil war. Corey, Googs, Tank, e and Howie discuss their individual reactions to The Force Awakens.

Bonus Podcast – USF Fan Take Over!

We rounded up four long time listeners to join us for this “lost” episode.

Podcast #148 – Scoop World

Corey, Howie, e and Tank reveal and discuss the “UnderScoopFire versions” of fast food, cartoons, 90s R&B acts, television dramas and more in this mega-meta (and antepenultimate) episode of the podcast.

Podcast #147 – The Long Awaited Nerd Lunch – UnderScoopFire Crossover!

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It’s Lunch time.

Podcast #146 – The Announcement

The hosts make a stunning announcement about the podcast.

Podcast #145 – Man, Do I Miss…

Corey & e go back and forth naming things they miss from “the good old days”.

Podcast #144 – Jem, Back to The Future Day, and Halloween 2015

Corey welcomes Chad “Egon” Young back to the show.

Podcast #143 – First Impressions of the Fall TV Season

Tank returns to the podcast and delivers his first impressions of the young TV season.

Podcast #142 – What if ‘The Force Awakens’ Sucks?

Joe and Corey tackle the question no one wants to ask- what if Star Wars: The Force Awakens does not live up to the hype and it’s more Phantom Menace than A New Hope?

Podcast #141 – Geek Confessions with Joe!

Corey and Joe go tit-for-tat trying to one up each other’s freakish faux paus. This show is full of fear boners, pork pie hats, suspenders, used chewing gum and more.

Podcast #140 – Fall Television Preview feat. Will West

This week, Will West returns to dissect UnderScoopFire’s latest post regarding the 10 New Fall Shows Guaranteed to Get a Second Season.

Podcast #139 – Pop Culture Duo Showdown

Corey and eclectik spend way too much time defining their pop culture relationship.

Podcast #138 – Video Games & Bad Movies

Corey and eclectik talk about old school video games and discuss A-List movie actors that were not adversely affected by their worst-received films.