CM Punk is the Best in the World

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck on July 27, 2011

in WWE

Fellow WWE fans know that CM Punk has been at the top of my list of current WWE Superstars since before this website launched. Here is a link to an Upper Deck blog post from June that ranked my Top 5 current WWE stars.

Need one more reason to summarize why Punk is the best in the world? Here it is. Many current wrestlers paid tribute to the memory of WWE legend Randy “Macho Man” Savage when he passed away earlier this summer. None did it this way. Amazing.

When CM Punk donned this ring attire he was firmly entrenched as a top WWE heel (“bad guy” for the layperson). I believe the night he wore this on WWE RAW was the turning point toward his massive popularity increase and inadvertent face turn (he’s a “good guy” now). Punk has also worn G.I. Joe themed trunks among other awesome styles. Check out this great blog for more.

Punk is my favorite wrestler to follow on Twitter because he is refreshingly open and honest, often tweeting about comic books he’s reading and eating at Chipotle (two of my favorite pastimes). If you are on Twitter, follow him here.

Want to be CM Punk for Halloween? See below. If I wasn’t already committed to being an Aquabat, I’d go this route.

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