And So it Begins: The Rush for the iPhone 6s

by Staff & Contributors on September 11, 2015

in Nerd Culture

Apple recently held one of the biggest events in the brand’s history, which is saying something when you consider its short but prestigious history. This was to herald the launch of the iPhone 6s, while we also enjoyed the official introduction of Apple TV and the new version of the iPad.

The event also saw the first real glimpse of the new iOS 9 update, which will upgrade the Apple user experience and offer a host of exciting new features. The idea of the event was to build on the momentum established last year, which has continued to thrive thanks to the popularity of the iPhone 6 handset.

The iPhone 6s is generating the most interest among customers, with particularly eager individuals already beginning to camp outside Apple’s iconic flagship store in Sydney, Australia. Even though Digital Spy have confirmed that the new handset will not go on sale until September 18th, the official unveiling of the iPhone 6s has been enough to prompt an initial frenzy among customers. While the handset can be pre-ordered online from this Friday (11th September), the hype and excitement surrounding its launch is unparalleled in recent times.

Clearly customers are expecting big things from the iPhone 6s and the accompanying iOS 9 update, even though Apple has initially looked to play down these developments as minor evolutionary upgrades. The eagerly anticipated iOS 9 will certainly offer greater functionality and productivity to users, especially with an easier installation process that preserves memory and creates additional space. There is also a brand new iCloud Photo Library, which enables you to retain pictures in the Cloud without compromising on available memory.

The iOS 9 will also see the introduction of App Thinning, which has important memory and security connotations for smartphone users. More specifically, it will ensure that handsets only download the relevant elements of individual apps. This is great news for gamers that enjoy playing on platforms such as Sky Vegas casino, as it’ll reduce the risk of overwhelming your existing memory and corrupting sensitive data.

While the idea of queueing for a product that is two weeks short of its official release date may seem strange, it underlines the impressive hold that Apple has over its consumers. With great things expected of both the iPhone 6s and the iOS 9, it is understandable that customers should want to be among the first to sample these coveted upgrades. You may need to manage your expectations, however, especially with Apple having suggested that both upgrades are minor rather than ground-breaking.

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