The Entertainment Mediums of Our Childhood Are Coming Back In a Big Way

As we all know, nostalgia sells, but quality will always be quality regardless of the age of the medium. And it seems that the entertainment mediums of our childhood are making a big comeback.

Television shows, music and the video games of times gone by are being re-released to be enjoyed all over again, while also being introduced to a whole new audience for the first time. Let’s take a look at some of the revived shows, gaming devices and music that are coming your way very soon.

The New (or should that be old) NES

Nintendo has recognized that there is a demand for retro gaming, and they are re-releasing the NES in the original form factor, but with updated features such as save states and HDMI connectivity.

The 30 classics packed into this little machine of wonders are all most enthusiastic gamers need. Mario, Zelda and other beloved titles are winging their way to stores before holiday season this year.

The Baywatch Reboot

Baywatch was a staple of Saturday evenings throughout the 90s and the rebooted movie, complete with new cast members Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Zac Efron and Alexandria Daddario, will be on screens in 2017.

While most of the old cast won’t be returning, original star David Hasselhoff is set to join all of the newbies on set. What form this movie will take is unknown, as The Rock is starring as Mitch Buchanan, so it would appear to be a total reboot, rather than a continuation story.

Stranger Things on Netflix

Although a new series, this show reads like a love letter to all things 80s. It’s set in a simpler time, before there were cell phones or websites (it’s hard to believe that I could live that time without my favorite website – Casino). It takes viewers back to a time when kids rode the streets on their bikes, listened to synth-packed tunes, and most importantly, played outside.

Stranger Things is like a mash up of all the best things about the movies Stand by Me, The Goonies, The X Files, and many other beloved entertainment shows of the past. Already very popular, this show has been renewed for a second season and it’s definitely worth checking out.

90s Bands Revival

The music of the 90s lives on, and as previously stated, quality never diminishes or fades out. Bands like Blur and Take That have managed to cash in on the nostalgia factor in a huge way. And with rumors abound that an Oasis reunion is no longer one million miles away and actually a real possibility now, things are looking bright for the music charts of the future (set in the past!).

Those are just a small few examples of things that have gone through a revival and have been re-introduced to a whole new audience. As they say, old school is cool, and the sheer appetite for all things 80s and 90s has proven that saying over and over again.

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