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Tournament of Super Powers – Round 1 Results, Round 2 Voting OPEN

News and notes on Round 1 of the Tournament of Super Powers bracket, as well as open voting for Round 2!

Tournament of Super Powers Update – Round 1 Voting OPEN!

For real this time, guys.

If You Buy This Voltron Nutcracker I Don’t Think We Can Be Friends, and Here’s Why

If you buy this Voltron nutcracker, I probably hate you.

Tournament of Super Powers Round 1 Voting Open – Matchups #1 and #2

Click here for a summary of the tournament or to view the entire bracket. Voting begins now! [socialpoll id=”2191950″] Flight  Power to fly or otherwise move through the air using varying methods. Some possibilities include using one or more forms of energy, wings or similar structures, or even mimicking or becoming an animal that can […]

Blockbuster Video Presents: The UnderScoopFire Tournament of Super Powers

Just as St. Patrick’s Day represents an annual excuse to drink whiskey at 930AM (say it with me: LIKE WE NEED AN EXCUSE), March also brings our annual justification for finding something that rhymes with “March” or “Madness” or “Bracketology” and creating a pop culture-based tournament to run congruent to the NCAA basketball tournament. Two […]

Space Station 76: Classic Disco-Era Sci-Fi Parody Cleared for Launch

Boogie down, everyone. I’ve got disco sci-fi fever in the form of Space Station 76!

Spot All of the Gloriously Entertaining ‘Breaking Bad’ Details in ‘Breaking Lab’

There are so many fantastically entertaining details in this Breaking Bad-inspired art by Patrick Ballesteros.

Why New Jack Swing Has to be Considered Part of the Soundtrack to Our Lives

From Sonic the Hedgehog to Wrestlemania: The Album, New Jack Swing represented the better part of the 90s.

[The Results Are In] UnderScoopFire Winter BRO-lympics Medal Ceremony

As promised, it was a heroic and macho two week competition- click here for a recap of the events.

The Entries are In – Toy Mashup Photo Contest Winner Revealed!

The UnderScoopFire Photo Mashup Contest has come to a close, and I was blown away by the fantastic entries via email, Instagram and Twitter. Click here for a refresher on the basis of the contest and an overview of the rules. Since we launched this contest, the creator of the original image that inspired it […]

4 Reasons Warner Bros. Shouldn’t Bail on the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern Franchise Just Yet

Here are a few reasons a Green Lantern sequel would be a better movie than the first, and why the Ryan Reynolds version of the character should appear in the Man of Steel sequel.

[VOTE NOW] in the 2014 UnderScoopFire Winter BRO-lympics

Because the real Olympics are no where near as heroic and macho as these.

Which Marvel Comics Characters have had the Most Successful Conversions to Film?

Consider this a Marvel “comics to film scorecard”, with success being based on how well the character was translated to film, the casting, the acting, and all of the other factors that go into creating a viable movie character based on comic book source material.