Clarence Riley

Why New Jack Swing Has to be Considered Part of the Soundtrack to Our Lives

by Clarence Riley

From Sonic the Hedgehog to Wrestlemania: The Album, New Jack Swing represented the better part of the 90s.

Why I Didn’t Watch the Breaking Bad Finale With Everyone Else

by Clarence Riley
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How have you been enjoying Breaking Bad’s victory lap? Like millions of Americans, I won’t be watching the finale live, but later. My Netflix Fix It’s great that AMC has set up a deal with Netflix to allow their dramas on the Instant Streaming service. While I’m late to the party, I plan on marathon-watching […]

Review – GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

by Clarence Riley

Film directed by Brett Whitcomb. In the late 1980s, David McClane carved a niche in the worlds of professional wrestling and weekly television. His creation, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (G.L.O.W.), emphasized the innate goofiness of pro wrestling with a roster of women wrestling under colorful personas. G.L.O.W.’s blend of style and silliness kept it […]

The Avengers – Earth’s Silliest Heroes

by Clarence Riley

With the upcoming release of The Avengers in North America, I browsed YouTube to select these fine examples either spoofing or re-imagining Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Check out these four fantastic videos:   The Avengers “Premake” It’s hard for me to imagine what a 1950s superhero blockbuster would look like. Then I found this premake, a […]