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What’s Your Masters of the Universe Name?

Thumbnail image for What’s Your Masters of the Universe Name?

Are you a Rock Jaw or more of an Evil Fist? Generate your Masters of the Universe name here!

Pop Culture Rescue: Masters of the Universe

Here’s an idea: how about a reboot that doesn’t suck?

5 Things We Hope to See in the New ‘Masters of the Universe’ Movie

I HAVE THE POWER (to blindly hope for these five things in an MOTU film).

Apoca-LIST | 5 Masters of the Universe You Want on Your Side in Case of Apocalypse

If you manage to survive long enough to experience full-on apocalyptic conditions, here are five Masters of the Universe you want on your side.

LEGO Masters of the Universe – TWO MORE IMAGES!

I’m not sure how the artist came across that post, but he left a comment and provided us with two more AMAZING images of these LEGO Masters of the Universe minifigures.

Your New Favorite Tumblr Page: ‘Little Things About Masters of the Universe’

This blog rules harder than Fisto’s.. um, fist.

Masters of the Universe Artist Takes Cues from Adventure Time, Gravity Falls

I loved this piece that Rob Bricken wrote for i09 a few weeks ago. In it, he makes a great case for why there should never be (another) live action Masters of the Universe movie. Jon Chu is hard at work creating a movie Universe for He-Man and his friends to master, but I have […]

Where do the Masters of the Universe spend their childhood? Castle Grade School of course! [ART]

Friend of the site Patrick Ballesteros will be at SDCC this weekend, and he’ll be debuting his latest childen-of-the-80s-friendly piece, Castle Grade School.

Are Masters of the Universe LEGO sets closer to reality than you think?

When @PodcastEDP tweeted the image below earlier this week, I knew a simple retweet wouldn’t do it justice. There’s way too much to be said about this bastion of beauty. Before you slam me, I realize these are not real LEGO products. Read on for my explanation of the headline. [click to enlarge] What you […]