Masters of the Universe Artist Takes Cues from Adventure Time, Gravity Falls

I loved this piece that Rob Bricken wrote for i09 a few weeks ago. In it, he makes a great case for why there should never be (another) live action Masters of the Universe movie.

Jon Chu is hard at work creating a movie Universe for He-Man and his friends to master, but I have to agree- as much of an MOTU fan as I am I’m dreading this movie more than anticipating it. The property just doesn’t led itself well to all media. What is does lend itself to is something character-driven, kid-friendly, fun and silly. Something in a 30 minute animated or comic book format. Something like this:

Jerzy Drozd over at Comics Are Great posted this fantastic looking Masters of the Universe reboot idea. He’s not reinventing the wheel, just putting a modern touch on a classic property- taking cues from Adventure Time and Gravity Falls, neither of which take themselves too seriously.

I love his idea for the Two-Bad focused episode/issue.

Head over to Comics Are Great and check out Drozd’s full MOTU reboot plan. There’s an outline for a 4-6 issue comic miniseries, including Mer-Man’s momma (!) and an entire gallery of character redesigns that honor the originals and will keep the child of the 80s in you happy.

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