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by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck on December 31, 2011

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You’re sophisticated. This list needs no introduction, so let’s get right to it. These are our favorite things about 2011:

The Miz – One of the hardest working people in the history of professional wrestling. No one is out there promoting the brand and the business in creative ways more than he is. He deserves every bit of success he earns, and more.

American Horror Story – I haven’t looked forward to a Wednesday night mindfuck this much since Oceanic 815 took off.

WTF Podcast with Marc MaronA must listen twice a week. His Norm MacDonald, Gallagher, and Robin Williams interviews were top notch. Always entertaining.

The New Girl – TV’s best new comedy. Characters & storylines like this have long-term sustainability.

Daniel Way – Writer of Marvel’s Deadpool. Marvel may have oversaturated the market with too many monthly Deadpool titles and one-shots, but Way’s writing brings Wade Wilson to life. A psychotic, taco-obsessed, riveting life.

Twitter – 8 months ago I began using it to follow Fantasy Baseball writers before my league’s draft. I have since made many connections that would never have happened otherwise. When used correctly, it can be very fun- and you can follow Deadpool.

Thundercats (2011) – “Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight!” 25 years later it still plays. Maybe even better. And that Mon-Star cameo gives hope of a 2012 Silverhawks reboot.

Michelle Beadle – ESPN’s co-host of SportsNation and the Michelle Beadle podcast. A refreshing take on sports and pop culture, the most relatable ESPN personality I’ve ever seen.

The Avengers Trailer – Revived my youthful anticipation of all superhero movies. Ignited my love of Nine Inch Nails’ “We’re In This Together”. Reminded me how awesome Robert Downey Jr. is. Made me realize how far away Summer 2012 is.

The Ducky Tie from How I Met Your Mother – Best recurring subtle sight gag since George Bluth Sr.’s Cornballer.

Paul Bissonnette (Phoenix Coyotes) – The most engaging NHL player on Twitter. Just go ahead and read his profile @BizNasty2point0… and then all of his tweets.

Janina Gavankar – True Blood. True Geek.

The Masked Man on Grantland.com – Best wrestling column I’ve ever read, he makes reading seem cool again. And he now has a podcast on the Grantland Network!

Stitcher Radio – take your favorite podcasts and content “to go” without having to sync your mobile device to your pc.

Beastie Boys “Make Some Noise” video – If you were alive in the 80s and haven’t seen it, go now. Best cameo = Orlando Bloom the window washer.

How Fantasy Sports Explains the World by ESPN’s AJ Mass – Not ashamed to admit this is the only book I’ve read all year. When I finished it I felt like I had read 10 different books.

Homeland – War Heroes. Terrorists. Double Agents. Claire Danes.

The Friday Night Lights Finale – 100% fulfilling. An adjective not often used with regard to series finales.

Aquaman – Just as he did with The Flash and Green Lantern, Geoff Johns has reignited interest in a supporting DC character.

Hayley Atwell (Captain America

Peggy Carter – Hayley Atwell reminded me of why I fell in love with Kate Beckinsale.

Wiffleball – Though I played a grand total of 1 wiffleball game in 2011, it will always be the sport of kings. Especially when you install a Slip ‘n Slide between 3rd base and home plate and add bikinis.

Batman: Arkham City – It’s been called “the best licensed video game ever made”.

The Ladies of Pan Am – They make a good show great.

Justin Verlander (Detroit Tigers) – 2011 Cy Young Award winner. Guy throws 94MPH in the first inning…and 99MPH in the 9th.

iPhone 4s – Recently became a Consumer Report best buy.

Amber Heard – Classic level gorgeous in “The Rum Diary”, and the failure of “The Playboy Club” was 0% due to her not looking hot as Hell in an old school bunny outfit.

pauladeenridingthings.com – I will never look at St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina the same.

Ron Swanson – You had me at Meat Tornado.

The Muppets – Thank you Jason Segel.

Community Season 3 Episode 4 “Remedial Chaos Theory” – Not only is it one of the best episodes of the season it might just be one of the best episodes in sitcom history. Hiatus be damned.

The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale – No sophomore slump for this zombie drama. Less zombies, more character development, all led to the final scene. Worth it.

Siri – The robot takeover begins!

HBO’s Superheroes – The Real Life Superheroes Documentary. Regular Joes who step out of the “realm of normal”, dressed as Superheroes, to do their part in the community.

Shadowlaw – Vampires, Robots, Horror, Sci-Fi, Mech, martial arts, the future – all in one graphic novel by Brandon Easton. Get it 12/21.

The Castle Kiss – Nathan Fillion’s reaction at the end is priceless and why we love watching this show.

Erin continues the tradition of hiding true hotness at the Dunder Mifflin reception desk

Ellie KemperOne of the few remaining reasons to watch The Office.

Game of Thrones – HBO brings the Fantasy genre to weekly tv in a high class way. With enormous production values, great writing, and an incredible cast.

Captain America and X:Men First Class – Not only well done comic book movies, but great feature films. Good story telling that mixed in some (altered) real life world history.

Cold Slither Podcast – Like to sit around and talk about all the stuff you used to watch, read, and collect? So do these guys. And they’re hilarious.

Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers) – It’s a good thing we love his touchdown celebration, because we see it a LOT. Somebody give him a title shot?

HBO GO – Great app to have on hand. 3 words: Band of Brothers.

Clark W. Griswold – If we made this list every year from 1983 until the end of time, Sparky would make it every time.

Little full, lot of sap.

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