Sitcom Classics Ranking

by Staff & Contributors

The range of sitcoms on the market is almost endless. Year after year, endless new series are released, making it hard to keep up. Even though many of the newer series also offer potential, the classics are still hard to beat. In this article, we rank the most popular sitcoms and report which episodes were the most popular with fans.



The absolute original sitcom Friends should actually be known to everyone. Even though many new attempts to get close to the series are launched every year, they all fail miserably. Matching the unique character constellation and wordplay is nearly impossible. Whether you identify more with Ross, Chandler or Joey, everybody can enjoy his favorite character. Moreover, in addition to first-rate famous actors such as Jennifer Aniston, the series also stands out for the fact that it gets better from season to season. At first, it takes a bit to warm up to the characters and the interesting clothing as well as hair styles in the first seasons, but the series improves with every episode. While in other series you always have the feeling that the story is being artificially dragged out and the sayings are getting worse and plot lines more and more implausible, the characters in Friends get more sympathetic with every episode and the last season is in fact one of the funniest. Among the best episodes are The One in Vegas Part 1 and 2 (5 x23 and 5 x 24), The One Where Ross is Fine (10 x 2) and The One With Ross’ Tan (10 x 3). If you also get in the mood for gambling after watching the fun Las Vegas episodes, you don’t have to travel far to find a good casino. Instead, you can try out online casinos from the comfort of your home via laptop or smartphone. With the help of free comparison portals, it is possible to quickly keep an extensive overview of casinos that provide the best conditions, bonus offers and a large game selection. Hence, players can enjoy their game with a safe provider.


How I Met Your Mother

The sitcom which started in 2005 and ended in 2014 after a total of 9 seasons thrilled millions of fans. The story is not only about Ted’s pursuit of love, but also about friendship and everyday problems in which fans can sympathize, suffer and rejoice. Those who like Friends will also get their money’s worth here because the character constellation of a couple, a player and some friends who are looking for the perfect partner while meeting regularly in their typical bar is also present here. Even though the ending is quite controversial and disappointed many fans, there are quite a few episodes in the previous seasons that are absolutely worthwhile. Among the best ones are Come On (1 x22), Dual Citizenship (5 x 5) and Home Wreckers (5 x 20).



The doctor’s sitcom about main character John Dorian (JD) consists of 182 episodes and ran from 2001 to 2020. The pleasant length of each episode (about 20 minutes) is perfect for watching an episode while enjoying lunch, for instance. A clique of young doctors is accompanied from their first day at Sacred Heart Hospital and starting difficulties in the world of medicine, friendship crises and broken hearts are thematized. In particular, the war between the two mischievous attendings, Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso, both of whom are particularly fond of bullying younger colleagues, and the janitor who plays pranks on JD provide many funny moments. Among the best episodes are My Screw Up (3 x 14), My Lunch (5 x 20) and My Finale (8 x 18).


The Big Bang Theory

The series revolves around the nerds Sheldon and Leonard and their friends Raj and Howard. All are scientists whose alternative lifestyles always clash with their young and free-spirited neighbor Penny, with whom Leonard is in love. How the nerds deal with everyday problems and womanizing is absolutely worth watching. In particular, the nerds’ ribbing of each other and the oddball Sheldon evoke the funniest moments. This sitcom also belongs to the type where the first seasons are clearly better than the last ones. Episodes that should not be missed and can be enjoyed several times are for example The Middle Earth Paradigm (1 x 6), The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis (2 x11) and The Einstein Proximation (3 x 14).

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