The 10 Sexiest Characters in the Star Wars Universe

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

As Disney commences with re-defining the Star Wars brand, or “brand-scrubbing” as this EW column puts it, it seems Lucasfilm is trying to wipe Anakin Skywalker and the Clonetroopers from our consciousness (have at it).

The new Lucasfilm seems hell-bent on semi-reinventing the brand, and relying heavily on Original Trilogy-based content to do so. For any Star Wars fan over the age of 15, that’s a sexy proposition. Speaking of sexy (segue!), below are the ten sexiest characters in the Star Wars (non-Expanded) Universe. If you want to get your sexy on too, try checking out the macro calculator over at


10. Oola

Inspiring throngs of scantily clad cosplayers for 30 years, Oola was Return of the Jedi’s green Twi’lek who made you think of strained peas and sideboob. Jabba had an obvious crush on this palace dancer, so when she resisted his advances, he fed her to the Rancor. Hutts do not take rejection well.


9. Jango Fett

This guy was such a perfect male specimen that he was chosen to be the subject of countless clones. Rugged, daring and dangerous, Jango Fett has that rich, dark complexion that even Tattooinians can’t achieve- and that’s with two suns!


8. Qui-Gon Jinn

Thirteen years ago, I probably would have overlooked Qui-Gon’s sexiness. Since then, Liam Neeson has gone on to play badass after badass, and as we all know, badass is sexy.


Another sexy quality: Qui-Gon is as wise as they come. Except for that whole “I’m positive we should train Anakin Skywalker to be a Jedi” thing. And not-sensing the Sith threat until it was too late. And taking a lightsaber handle to the face, thus opening up his midsection for impalement. Besides that he was smart as shit.


7. Aayla Secura

If you’re into head-tails and cleavage, you’ll love Twi’leks! Aayla Secura is not the first (or last) female Twi’lek on this list, and certainly will not be the last Jedi.

The blue midriff-bearing Jedi Knight was seen being ambushed as part of Order 66, but those blue boobs will live on in our memories forever.

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