Podcast #31 – John Moschitta Jr. (The ‘Micro Machines Guy’)

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

New York Magazine called it “The Most Memorable Advertisement Ever”.


FedEx’s “Fast Paced World” ad played a large part in launching our guest into icon status in 1980s pop culture.

This week, UnderScoopFire welcomes its first Guinness World Record holder to the show – the World’s Fastest Talker, John Moschitta Jr.

Whether you remember him as the Fed Ex fast talker, the Micro Machines guy, Blurr from Transformers, or from hundreds of other TV and movie appearances, you undoubtedly know the voice of John Moschitta Jr.

Today he appears on such shows as Robot Chicken, Adventure Time, and Family Guy. Check out John Moschitta Jr. on the current web series Acting Out.

Check out Episode 31 of the UnderScoopFire Podcast, and try to keep up as best you can.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Appearing on The $25,000 Pyramid
  • Nickelodeon’s Nickel Flicks
  • What it’s like to be an Autobot
  • Meeting & performing for 8 (eight!) U.S. Presidents
  • Sandy Duncan’s crotch

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