5 More M.A.S.K. Cameos We Want to See

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck on September 6, 2012

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In 2008, fans of M.A.S.K. and G.I. Joe received a treat when Hasbro released Specialist Trakker, a rare crossover action figure.

Specialist Trakker took the main character from M.A.S.K., and re-imagined him as a G.I. Joe operative. This collaboration made for a must-have item for fans and collectors of both properties.

In August, the awesome M.A.S.K. fan site Matt-Trakker.com reached 900 Facebook Likes and ran a giveaway for one Specialist Trakker G.I. Joe figure – and guess who the lucky winner was? You guessed it, and the prize arrived faster than you can say Shuki Levy.

I’m honored to provide a loving home for Trakker the Joe, and I urge you to check out Matt-Trakker.com. It’s got everything a M.A.S.K. fan could want, and they’re going to run 2 more giveaways when they reach 1000 Facebook Likes!

Fawning over this figure makes me wish we’d see M.A.S.K. cameos in other properties. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few I came up with:


Hondo Maclean – Jeopardy! Teachers Tournament

Hondo Maclean was both a weapons expert, and a high school teacher. What could be better than seeing Hondo get mad at an unresponsive buzzer or a questionable judges’ decision and putting some of his weapons expertise to use on set? Hondo would have a commanding lead, risk it all on a Daily Double right before Final Jeopardy!, and lose it on a technicality. Penniless and ineligible to participate in Final Jeopardy!, Maclean would walk offstage, only to return in the Hurricane and torch the entire set, leaving Trebek cowering behind his podium weeping.


Floyd Malloy – Collection Intervention

Elise Luray, the star of Syfy’s Collection Intervention, sometimes brings in specialists to assist her with cases. She has brought in therapists, comic book writers, toy experts and more. Floyd Malloy’s VENOM dossier lists him as a forgery expert. Surely Collection Intervention will have a future episode in which Luray encounters an autograph collector. The subject will be unwilling to part with any of his or her collection of signed sports cards, 8x10s, etc – but if Floyd Malloy could sniff out a few fakes, this would help Luray convince them to thin out their collection (which is likely covering every wall and otherwise flat surface of the house).


Gloria Baker – Indianapolis 500, Go Daddy commercials

Gloria Baker brought a significant talent to Mobile Armored Strike Kommand – she was an Indy car driver. Years before Danica Patrick set the world on fire as a successful female race car driver, Gloria was tearing up the 80s circuit. We’d love to see her out there on the track again, and while she’s at it – why not parlay that exposure and her built-in sex appeal into a few endorsement deals? Go Daddy seems like a perfect fit.


Brad Turner – Judge on American Idol

Legendary 80s rock musician. Brightly colored wardrobe. Object of desire. A bit out of his element. All descriptions of former American Idol judge Steven Tyler.. AND M.A.S.K.’s Brad Turner! Inserting Brad into the annual carousel of Idol judges would be a seamless fit. This would be a great step in Brad’s attempted comeback – hilariously documented in this site’s Brad Turner: Behind the Music.


Alex Sector – Referee for the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl

Agent Sector is a zoology expert. His first mask was called the Jackrabbit, and his vehicle was the Rhino. It’s clear where Alex’s passion lies, and he’s got a commanding presence. His love for animals makes him a natural fit for Animal Planet, and battling VENOM seems like suitable training for trying to control 20+ puppies at the same time.

top image via M.A.S.K. Movie

Brian Morin September 6, 2012 at 12:21 am

How about a guest appearance on Parks and Recreation by Miles Mayhem? He could play Ron Swanson’s father, the man who taught Ron what being a man is all about. He also taught him how to grow and maintain a mustache.

Howie Decker September 6, 2012 at 9:22 am

I love it. Those two and Wilford Brimley MUST be related.

Jason aka SockofFleagulls September 6, 2012 at 10:36 am

Nicely done, Howie. Will share over on M.A.S.K. the Movie as well.

I could see Dusty Hayes as a special guest on Hillbilly Handfishin’ or one of those redneck reality shows.

Howie Decker September 6, 2012 at 3:22 pm

Yes! I found that I could almost come up with one for all of them, and had to stop myself before it became a list of 15-20!

Will September 7, 2012 at 2:35 pm

I totally forgot Shuki Levy was even associated with that show. If he’s not already in the Television Hall of Fame, something is seriously wrong.

Great post!

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