Why Has UnderScoopFire Gone BLUE for April?

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

No, it’s not the lamest April Fools’ joke of all time.

World Autism Awareness Day, observed on April 2, was adopted by the United Nations in 2007 to increase awareness of autism as a growing global health priority. Autism Speaks has pledged to shine a light on autism with their Light It Up Blue campaign, as thousands of buildings and landmarks “turn blue” to honor the millions of families and individuals affected by autism.

In an effort to pledge our support to the Light It Up Blue campaign, UnderScoopFire has gone blue. With the help of Nerd Lunch’s Carlin Trammel (the design magician behind our recent rebrand), for the month of April we’ve replaced all of the signature USF red with blue (something CT has lovingly dubbed- the “BlueSF Rebrand”).

Many of you know that autism is a disorder that’s close to our hearts. Our youngest son Luke was diagnosed with autism, and I can’t tell you how proud I am of how far he’s already come, how hard my wife Jessica works, and how supportive and understanding Luke’s older brother Charlie has been. Using UnderScoopFire as a forum to help “light our little corner of the internet up blue” is just one small piece of what we plan to do this month and for the rest of our lives to help promote awareness and understanding when it comes to autism.

So, like a moisture farmer who just inherited his dad’s blue lightsaber, help us LIGHT IT UP BLUE on April 2 and for the whole month of April.

We plan to keep the conversation going (and keep our new blue logo in your social media feed) by publishing blue-themed content as often as possible in the coming weeks (basically a month of Smurfs, Skeletor, Cobra, the Blue Blazer, NYPD Blue, Kool-Aid Berry Blue, Carlton Banks’ bluest bow ties… you get it). So if you have any “blue” ideas, shoot them our way- you’ll be helping us LIGHT UnderScoopFire UP BLUE!

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