Kids’ Games: 10 Years Ago and Today

Who would have thought that the handheld games that children used to play a decade ago wouldn’t be in trend today? The speed at which the game industry moves is so fast that all gamers are used to looking at what would come next and forgetting about what was in the past. Just as most online casino game lovers are simply busy searching for no deposit slots bonus uk without even taking a second to think of what was before the existence of the online casinos. However, an industry as deep-rooted as this can learn from its past, which is why we would go on refreshing our memory to offer certain viewpoints on history. Let’s take a walk down memory lane to the occurrences that the gaming industry has experienced from 10 years ago.

Transformation of children’s games from a decade ago – handhelds, video games, virtual graffiti

The kids used to enjoy jumping ropes and riding scooters. The seesaw and swings were very fun activities. Playing with hobbyhorses and hitched carts on real animals was a dream come true until the introduction of handheld games.

–       The Peak of Handhelds: The handhelds took over and the kid’s attention started shifting from flying kites in the sky and playing with the wax of clay made dolls to playing handheld games. The handhelds were doing fine until the year 2015, which marked the death of such products in the gaming industry. However, 10 years ago, we had the sales of portable software doing great with the likes of PSP, DS, and the Game Boy Advance.

–       The inception of video game media: Slightly a decade ago (2005), the Japanese game industry was close to the top of its game. The topic on the lips of gamers was if gaming on PC would die. We were still waiting for the launch of Xbox 360, and the Wifi was yet to be unwrapped. There were no smartphones not to talk about gaming on them. YouTube was still not heard of.

Later on (about 5-7 years ago) journalism of games became a thing with news, reviews and previews of video games. All thanks to social media and the likes of Youtube that allows publishers take their products right to the consumers. This way, we now have information, game trailers, and screenshots available right for previewing instead of the usual games press that people had to read in magazines.

–       Games are no longer enslaved to movies: Mostly in the early millennium, we had video games with action and emotion effects from movies, but this was added by using cut-scenes, visual realism, and dialogues from movies. But recently that we have the gaming industry making more money than Hollywood, game developers can now afford to hire script writers, actors, voice over personnel to create content for games. What more would one expect except for unmatched quality and experience?

–       Games now tell amazing stories: Years ago, the stories in games had to be action-packed because they were dependent of cut scenes from movies and couldn’t handle emotions. All you had to do was shoot something or carry out similar operations. Then, we just had to skip the story part and go straight to the action of the game. However, the expectations are now higher and a majority of the game developers are really doing a great job to keep it that way. It is now impossible to impose a B-movie script, uninteresting characters and stereotyping of gender in games – you have to answer for it when players start to react badly to your game.

These are just a few of the changes that the game industry has experienced over the past decade. A greater aspect of the changes can also be seen in the games offered by the likes of Mister Green Casino to the aficionados of casino-themed games. Have a look at the games that the kids were playing 10 years ago and you would be very grateful to the development in technology after comparing to the games that we can enjoy today.

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