When Did UnderScoopFire Jump the Shark?

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

Remember when you were a kid and you would purposely leave something of yours at your friend’s house when your parents picked you up?

The logic behind it was that if something of yours was left there (accidentally, of course), you’d have to go back another time to retrieve it (invited or not)… perhaps even the next day! Play time all over again!!

And usually your parents would say something like: “Oh well, you should be more careful with your stuff.”


Well, I never stopped doing that. When I was invited to the eclectik discussion Podcast back in May, we discussed 80s & 90s TV, specifically TGIF vs. Must See TV.

When my parents picked me up from EDP Studios, I purposely left my Chip Lohmiller Starting Lineup figure (mint in box) at his place so I had an excuse to go back again.

When I was invited back, we recorded the Jump The Shark episode!

From eclectik relaxation:

When did your favorite show go bad?

What was the point that you decided that the show was no longer watchable?
THAT is the Jump the Shark Moment!

Today on the eclectik discussion podcast we discuss those points and main culprits responsible of making the shows we love suck.

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