Podcast #28 – George “The Animal” Steele

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

They say everything happens for a reason, but for George The Animal Steele, everything that happened was an accident.

Don’t get me wrong, his success was no fluke. Hard work and dedication were the foundation of his personal and professional life; but as The Animal himself puts it, “So much of it was just an accident.”

You’ll be impressed with The Animal’s sincerity and the forthright nature of his responses, as he shared some great backstage stories.

In this episode, The Animal shares stories about:

  • the origin of his name, the turnbuckle chewing, and “Mine”
  • working with Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth
  • a 12 year old Randy Orton
  • Andre the Giant’s near signing with an NFL team to block FGs & extra points
  • his relationships with Vince McMahon Sr., and Jr.

For more info on George “The Animal” Steele and to see more great videos like the one below go to GeorgeTheAnimalSteele.com

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