UnderScoopFire Podcast #27 – Village Gate Toy Show

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

From days of long ago.. from uncharted regions of the universe.. comes a legend: the legend of The UnderScoopFire Roundtable Voltron!

For the first time ever, after 26 episodes – we recorded live with all five members of the roundtable in the same room… and it sucked!

Kidding about the sucking part, but if it seems like we can’t focus in this ep it was because we recorded directly after spending the entire day hunting for deals at the Village Gate Toy Show! (We also walked uphill two miles both ways.. well, Corey ran, the rest of us walked.)

The show was excellent, the crowd was great, the deals were there for the taking.

When we first arrived, we logged some quick marketing time. As Joe said, we “made it rain” with UnderScoopFire flyers and stickers. As a result, we had one of the busiest site traffic Sundays of all time! Thank you Rochester!! (tap tap.. is this thing on?)

In this episode:

  • A recap of the toy show – steals & deals
  • An UnderScoopFire Tweetup – on air in-person appearances by JD of General Geekery & USF’s own Chad E Young!
  • Scoopin’ It, Howie’s Bad Joke of the Week, Tweets of the Week
  • How Not Aaron Neville got to talk to Julie Bowen
  • Joe finds another Alley Viper, but the hunt for the Kirstie Alley Viper continues..

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Check out MANY more pics from the show at CoolandCollected.com, and thank you to Brian for organizing and posting those pics!

The 501st Legion was there as well!

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NotAaronNeville’s best work yet:

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What Joe bought What Tank bought What Corey bought Howie, Tank, Joe, Googs, and a fan.

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