Toy Review – Sideshow Collectibles Sixth Scale Boba Fett

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck on December 20, 2012

in Star Wars

Love at first sight.


The Sideshow Collectibles Sixth Scale Boba Fett figure is as breathtaking as you’d imagine. Based on one of the most divisive characters in the Star Wars Universe, no one would argue that Sideshow’s 1/6 scale rendition of the famed bounty hunter isn’t one of their best. Admittedly, I’m a Sideshow newbie- so for those who also haven’t made the leap into collecting this genre of toys, I’ll share my first impressions with you.


Packaging [rating=5]

The package for this figure properly sets the expectation for its level of quality. When the Sideshow package first arrived, I was surprised at the size and weight of the box. These figures are no joke, and with the generous helping of accessories and the stand, the weight adds up quickly. The box itself was something to behold.

excuse the glare, it’s nearly impossible to get a good pic of this box!

If you’re a Sideshow veteran, bear with me- it’s my first time.

It honestly took me at least a solid minute to figure out how to open the box. When I finally discovered that one of the side panels was actually a magnetic flap, I think I heard angels sing when I pulled it open and the box folded out to reveal the figure on one side, the accessories on the other, and two panels of copy discussing the character. Fully opened, the box’s “wingspan” is almost 30 inches. Very impressive packaging.


Sculpt & Paint [rating=4]

I was terrified to take the figure out of the box. It looked so perfect in there. Once I removed it, I must have looked it over for a good 30 minutes before I set it down. I (like most) had always marveled at the detail on Boba Fett’s costume in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Even being one of my favorite SW characters (if not #1), I guess I never realized just how much was going on with his suit. With regard to detail and decoration, there is so much to look at.

Artist Nathan Eakins knocked Fett’s paint job out of the park. Every detail is perfect. Mind you, I’m not saying I went through ESB frame by frame and matched up nicks and scrapes on Boba’s costume with the figure, I mean the paint detail is perfect for the figure. Pacual Wasoe and Tim Niver deliver an amazing sculpt here as well. I had read some reviews where the size or placement of Boba’s head/helmet was brought into question, but I have no such gripe. We have to understand: the helmet can’t be the same size as his head, or else it wouldn’t fit over said head.


Costume/Accessories [rating=5]

Lots to talk about here. Kevin Ellis is credited with costume fabrication on the Boba Fett figure, and his work is a great advertisement for the Sideshow product. The absolute first thing I noticed when I took the figure out of the box was the manufactured ‘dirty’ look of Boba’s pants. Moments later, when I discovered the underside of his boots, I was officially amazed at the quality of the costume design.

The detail on the gauntlets (the pieces on his forearms) is outstanding. At first I was afraid that their position and small detailed pieces would make changing Boba’s hands difficult, but it does not. I recommend being careful when changing his hands, but there’s no need for concern as long as you’re mindful of the gauntlets.

The cape has a bendable metal wire inside the hem, so you can “sculpt” it to create a windblown look, or just move it to the side to make room for the removable jet pack. Besides the jet pack, the considerable host of accessories also includes 10 total hands in various poses, an extra set of feet with toes bent, a blaster pistol, a larger carbine blaster, a few tools that can be stored in the pants pockets above his feet, and a display base that lights up in three separate points.

His belts and pistol blaster holster are removable, and the holster holds the blaster by way of a tiny strap with magnet fastener. The knee pads are removable, and the pants “peg” at the bottom with a tiny velcro strap (which you might find yourself re-fastening after the first time you loosen them).

The chest plate seems like it could have been molded or attached to the costume differently to better fit the contour of his torso. That said, if you compare it to Boba’s costume in the movies, it looks like it fits him the same way. Not a detraction, just an observation.

The wookiee scalp braids on his shoulder are perfect.


Overall [rating=5]

I’d recommend the Sideshow Collectibles Sixth Scale Boba Fett to any collector. The figure averages 5 out of 5 stars over 16 reviews on the product page. It commands attention and certainly can be the centerpiece of any Star Wars collection.


The figure is still available at Sideshow Collectibles for $174.99. If you’re a Boba Fett fan, or love someone who is- this is an amazing gift or addition to your collection.


Dex (@Dex1138) December 20, 2012 at 3:31 pm

Yep, this as about as close to top of the line you can get for Star Wars. The only better lines I\’ve seen have come out of Hot Toys and those are more expensive. I\’m almost surprised they didn\’t make parts of the armor swappable so you could go between ESB and RotJ. But then, they couldn\’t sell you the RotJ version down the line 🙂

James December 21, 2012 at 9:59 am

Been thinking of making the leap into the major leagues of collecting for a while now. This glowing review has gone a long way to persuade me. I think I\’m leaning toward something in the comic book genre though.

Howie Decker December 27, 2012 at 11:49 am

There are a TON of great characters on their site. Lot’s of great choices available for pre-order too!

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