Toy Review – Marvel Grab Zags

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

Grab Zags are the largest variety of licensed, blind-packaged, novelty toys available in the U.S.

Clocking in at an impressive 100+ toys to collect, the Grab Zag line is expanding monthly. Blind bags have become all the rage as of late, with many popular manufacturers capitalizing on their popularity.

Zag Toys has partnered with Marvel to bring us collectible items of all kinds based on our favorite comic book and movie superheroes and villains. I was honored to be selected by Grab Zags to review their many exciting product lines! Besides this review, I’ll soon be posting reviews of The Avengers Grab Zags, Nitro Mites, and Marvel Nitro Mites!

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The Marvel Universe was Grab Zags’ first collection, and they chose a great license to partner with. The Marvel brand is super hot right now, and the momentum looks to be building. Combining a such a strong property with the fun aspect of a blind bag is bound to be a home run.


Packaging  [rating=5]

The Grab Zags foil package is a good one. For this line, it clearly boasts the trademark red Marvel banner across the top, catching the eye of any browsing Marvel fan. Many blind bag lines leave a little too much mystery as to what kind of product hides inside, which can leave you leery of spending a few bucks on something you might not be into. This is not the case with Grab Zags.

The variety of possible collectibles inside is displayed perfectly on the package – you know before buying that you will get one of the three possible collectible surprises – a pen, a light-up projector, or a Marvel Mini. As blind bag connoisseurs know, part of the hunt for collectibles you don’t have yet is trying to feel through the package to identify what’s inside. Grab Zags come with a protective layer of thin cardboard on either side of the item. You can typically tell the difference between Marvel Mini, pen, and light-up projector, but not which character it is.


Collectability [rating=5]

The real fun with Grab Zags as with most blind bag lines is the collectability. Whether it’s the Marvel Mini, the light-up projector (mini flashlight), or the pen – once you get one character you’ll find yourself wanting them all. In my opinion, the Minis are the most desirable of the line, and as good as one looks in your hand or on your shelf, it’s even cooler having all of them together. Check out the cool pop art style vinyl 1-3/4” Marvel Minis:

The Spider-Man in black is the ultra-rare Marvel Mini in this line, and hunting for him can be a fun and rewarding experience for a collector.


Construction [rating=4]

The Marvel Minis are very well constructed. They feel sturdy and durable, and each comes with a color coordinated hexagonal base that can interlock with the other figures’ bases. Some have removable features, such as Spidey’s web and Cyclop’s optic blast.

The pens are well executed. They’re an awesome desk decoration for any Marvel fan, but for an affordable collectible they also function very well. After you remove the cap, the character remains part of the pen you hold (as opposed to the character being the pen cap). The pen then extends from the character, giving you somewhere to grip.

The light-up projector was the only aspect of this line that left a little to be desired. They have a great look, each adorned with a cartoon version of a Marvel character and the character’s signature color scheme, but the ones I tried didn’t maintain a steady beam of light. If I held down the button, the light had a sort of strobe effect, like a flashlight with dying batteries. The few times I got the light to stay on for more than a second, I did see a color projection of that character on the wall, which would be very cool if the functional bugs could be worked out. There does not appear to be a way to change the batteries on them.


Value [rating=5]

Grab Zags are currently available at Toys R Us, Walgreens and other specialty toy retailers. Priced at $2 to $3 each, these are the perfect item to grab at the cash register or in the toy aisle when you’re budget-conscious. A perfect little reward or surprise for any Marvel movie or comic book fan, I would definitely recommend them. With holiday season approaching, I imagine these items will be a popular stocking stuffer. They have mass appeal from 4 year olds all the way to adult collectors!


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