Toy Review – Diamond Select Toys Battle Beasts Minimates – Strictus & Bliss Reynolds [VIDEO]

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck on January 4, 2013

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The review of our Diamond Select Toys haul continues!


Just like yesterday’s Munsters Koach we reviewed, Diamond produces licensed toys for yet another great 80s property: Battle Beasts.

[UPDATE: I talked with Diamond Select’s Marketing Supervisor after posting this review. He informed me that this is not a license from the 80s. DST created a new line and new comic book based on the name, which they have acquired the trademark on.]

Check out to bone up on your Battle Beasts backstory and lore. There’s a current IDW comic series featuring this incarnation of the Battle Beasts as well.

These are definitely cool figures. I remember having a few of the 1″ Hasbro Battle Beasts with the finger-heat-activated fire/wood/water sticker on their chest from the late 80s. Diamond has captured the fun essence of those figures with their new line.

The Strictus and Bliss Reynolds two pack is part of the specialty assortment based on characters from the IDW comic. From DST’s site:

The specialty assortment will include unique paint detailing for all of the Beasts, inspired by the Battle Beasts comic book by IDW Publishing, as well as two key human characters from the series, each with one of the all-powerful Dread Weapons!

Image via Diamond Select Toys

Check out our video review of Minimates Battle Beasts here:


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