This Would Be the Scariest Horror Movie Ever

Last month I wrote a column about some car trouble I had and suggested the idea of a WebMD for Automobiles. I also think there should be a company in the phone book that you can call and they will send an impartial judge to your house to decide which spouse is right in an argument. Point is, I just keep churning out nuggets of gold, it’s up to you guys to run with the idea.

The story you are about to read could be turned into a screenplay and would be the scariest horror movie of all-time. The scariest part? It’s true, and happens more often than you think.

Woman Finds Giant Sinkhole Under Bed (from Yahoo! News blog The Upshot)

What the?! Take a second to imagine sitting on your bed when out of nowhere the earth opens up and a 40 foot deep, dark as midnight hole opens up underneath you. As if there aren’t enough frightening stigmas attached to the under-the-bed zone. And that picture with the guy shining his flashlight down there… come on!

How is it possible that so many thrillers and scary movies have been made about naturally occurring phenomena and disaster situations but nothing about sinkholes? They can swallow an entire city block! Or your bed while you are sleeping!

Some savvy website designer is going to make some money from the ‘WebMD for cars’ idea. Now you aspiring screenwriters can’t say I never did anything for ya.



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