Open Letter to Social Networking

by Joe Zicari @SharePointJoe on July 25, 2011

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My Open Letter to Social Networking sites:

Enough!  How many of you are there?  And how many more of you will be popping up like a bad collar?  Seriously.

I have Facebook and I use Twitter.  Is it necessary for me to have Google+?  Probably not but I signed up anyways.

There are so many social networking apps and sites bringing people together, it’s really getting out of control.

I can check in anywhere I go (4square), I can update my status if I’m playing a game, watching a movie, thinking about something random, listening to music (all from GetGlue).  Yes I know there are others out there- Miso for example, allows you to check in when you’re watching something good and of course Facebook has their “check in” feature.

The real question is, do people really care?  Probably not but it’s fun.  I’m the first to admit, I love 4Square and I’m a fan of GetGlue.

The real question is, do people really care?

Who doesn’t want to be mayor of some random place like ‘I like Ribs, mmmm bbq saucey’?  (Ok, I made that place up) Or get cool badges for watching ‘How I met your mother’?  I know I do.

I might be what you would call an “addict to social networking”.  I must check Facebook or Twitter on a constant basis.  Who doesn’t?  Seriously, you know you check at least one of those often.

I love Facebook for a few reasons:

1- it reconnected me w/family members I haven’t seen in years.  Without it there would be that void.

2- It helps reconnect with old school classmates,  college and high school.

3- I know what’s happening in my friends lives.  I truly get it, you’re witty and want to share it with the world…your deepest inner thoughts can be said in one status update.  Ok, some of you aren’t that deep or witty.  (Joke)  It allows us to vent and get insight from others when no one else will listen.

Twitter is a whole other story.  Here’s a site that allows you only 140 characters to type in your thoughts, updates, links, photos or whatever the case may be.  It’s like text messaging or IMing (remember that?) but not always in real time.  Plus you get to follow people (stalking anyone?).

Specifically famous people…who otherwise wouldn’t care if you were alive.

Specifically famous people…who otherwise wouldn’t care if you were alive.  Seriously, if you haven’t tried Twitter, do so.  Follow or even pop on a famous persons page to read their timeline.  They love getting their egos stroked.  I love reading convos between famous people. It’s like they’re the only ones that exist…but I digress.

I remember reading a tweet once, it said something to the effect of- On Facebook you brag to your friends, on Twitter you lie to strangers.  I can relate to that.

Maybe I’m in the minority here but this social media/networking thing is getting out of hand.  At this point in life, all I need is my Facebook, Twitter, 4Square, and of course GetGlue.  I know all my followers/friends love knowing what I’m up to, what I’m playing, and what I’m watching.

In closing, I’d like to say thank you for what you’ve done for me.  You truly are awesome (especially to this technology junkie)…but take note of MySpace- your time may eventually be up, and that scares me.  I’m not sure I can handle the change.


Yours Forever,

Joey Z


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