The 10 Worst TV Dads of All Time

Happy Father’s Day!


Throughout the day I’ve been posting to Facebook and tweeting the Top 10 Worst TV Dads of all time.

To recap:

10. Arthur Spooner (King of Queens)

9. GOB Bluth (Arrested Development)

8. Archie Bunker (All in the Family)

7. The Cigarette Smoking Man ( The X-Files)

6. Frank Costanza (Seinfeld)

5. Walter White (Breaking Bad)

4. Anthony Cooper (LOST)

3. Peter Griffin (Family Guy)

2. Tony Soprano (The Sopranos)


Now we’ve arrived at #1. The WORST TV Dad of ALL TIME.

Who could be worse than the 9 heinous pops we’ve already seen?

Only this can be said – at least the offspring of the above 9 men got to see their fathers. As bad a role model or caregiver as they were, they were there for their sons and daughters; even if ‘being there’ meant conning them out of a kidney (except GOB, but he didn’t know about Steve Holt until Steve’s senior year).


Not this guy.


“Could he BE spending less time with his kids?” – Chandler, circa 2003

Ross Geller appeared in 238 episodes of Friends.

His son Ben appeared in 7.

His daughter Emma appeared in 5- most of those with her mother, Rachel.

Over 10 years of Ross’ life, we saw each of his children for ONE week. Total.


Ross Gellar’s children only took part in 3% of his life as we knew it. Like I said, at least the other 9 fathers were there more than 3% of the time for their kids.

Seen here booking a flight, never considering taking his kids or who will care for them


The only honorable mention goes to Al Bundy.. not for being among the worst TV dads, but we honorably mention him for the hell he was put through for 11 seasons on Married with Children. I think he did pretty well considering what he had to work with.

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