The Best Money Saving Apps on Android in 2021

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The world’s population has become heavily reliant on smartphones and the variety of functionalities in which they can perform on a daily basis. Some people use their devices to stream TV shows and movies, while others use them to update social media profiles. These days, people are even staying on top of their finances with the help of some money-saving apps, too.

The options are certainly comprehensive in today’s technologically advanced world. Our smartphones now have the capability to offer up a solution for practically every aspect of our lives. Love can be found online, gamers can experience a big selection of slots on Android, while fitness enthusiasts can download an array of health and fitness creations. Innovation is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon either, with apps improving on an impressively regular basis.

If you’re keen to penny pinch and budget a bit better, then here is a selection of some money-saving apps on Android to help you manage your finances in 2021.



Mint has you covered with almost everything. All of your accounts can be synchronised with the app, allowing you to keep track of every transaction thanks to its helpful categorisation of every transaction. The app also helps you analyse your spending patterns and comes up with a budget to help you stay within your limit. Mint presents helpful graphs to give you further insights into your financial health also, enabling you to assess your habits in a range of different formats. In terms of keeping track of your overall financial health, Mint is excellent.



Plum is like having a spending buddy with you as you carry out your day and make various transactions, be it in a clothing store or purchasing your morning coffee. Plum is a chatbot digital assistant which analyses your spending habits, sets saving goals, and helps you smash them. The app communicates using Facebook messenger and has saving money firmly in mind. If you’re keen to save funds for a big summer holiday away, then Plum will help you get there.



Unexpected or large bills can hinder someone’s financial situation or interrupt a saving goal, therefore making apps like BillTracker hugely beneficial for people. This password-protected app keeps all of your due dates and amount totals in one easy to digest place. From there, the app notifies you when you have any impending payments.



In order to save some extra funds, it certainly helps to spend more wisely and make savings wherever you can. Shopkick helps people do exactly that, thanks to its array of bargains and cut-price products from the likes of Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, and more. You can earn points by making purchases and then turn those points into gift cards at any partnering stores.



Analysing your incomings and outgoings, Chip and its helpful chat bot will keep an eye on your spending habits and identify any areas where you can make savings. Chip is a friendly and comforting voice for people during any financial stress, allowing users to save money and stay on top of their finances in an informal and less intimidating manner than many other apps of its type offer.


You Need a Budget 

It’s in the name, but You Need a Budget provides an excellent budgeting interface for its users to benefit from. The app’s clever software works to help people change the way they manage their money. It creates a stress-free analysis of your finances and your overall financial health.


Other money-saving apps worth downloading for your android phone are Ibotta, Moneybox, Grocery iQ, LivingSocial, and Squirrel.

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