Lifelock with Norton 360 Review: Is It Worth the Cost?

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Thanks to their initial promotional efforts and television commercials that featured the founder’s social security number along with a promise to reimburse users up to $1 million if their identity was stolen, Lifelock is a well known brand, as is Norton. Lifelock and Norton are now one company.

Lifelock helps to monitor your credit, and monitors the web for personal information on the user – then sends alerts about potential problems. If a user experiences identity theft, Lifelock will help to remediate the problem. As a bundle, “Norton Lifelock all-in-one protection” offers security protection on computers and other devices.


What is Featured

While Lifelock and Norton are part of one company, they are each separate software. When it comes to identity theft protection, Lifelock is one of the best available. Their identity theft protection features include monitoring suspicious activity and mitigating the problems associated with identity theft. They send out identity altertsm, offer a complete range of remediation services and help prevent problems with creditors, social security and more.

Norton 360 offers several different plans, but they include many different features like comprehensive phishing and malicious URL protection, a Norton secure VPN, password management, a really strong firewall and so muchs more. Bundled together, you get Norton 360 security features along with Lifelock’s identity theft protection and insurance – which is a pretty amazing package.

When looking at Norton 360 reviews, you’ll find that one downside is how much comprehensive information they require you to provide in order to offer you optimal protection. This includes bank information, credit card numbers and your Social Security Number, among other details. While it may be time consuming and tedious, it’s designed to help, and when you look at the protection it provides, it’s well worth the effort.


Why You Need this Bundle

You may be wondering whether or not you really need the Lifelock and Norton 360 bundle, and the answer is a resounding “yes!” Here’s why: most identity theft occurs when data brokers and people search sites are used to find private and financial information about you. That might include everything from bank accounts to Social Security Numbers. Armed with that information, cybercriminals can inflict some serious damage on everything from your credit to your medical information and coverage to stealing money from your bank accounts. There is no limit to the harm they can cause. If you wanted to remove your data and financial information from those sites, you’d end up spending hours of your time locating them (there are over 100!), and then manually opting out on each and every one. It’s so time consuming, in fact, that it would end up becoming your new full time job.

You can choose to have this done automatically, using OneRep, a sophisticated software program that has proprietary algorithms that scour the Internet to find and remove your personal and financial data from people search and data broker sites. It’s a remarkable time-saver that works to protect you from identity theft from those sites, including Truthfinder, Intelius, Google and others.

That being said, to have another layer of safety you still need to have real time protection from identity theft and hacking of your devices, and that’s where the Lifelock and Norton 360 bundle come into play. With 24/7 monitoring and real time alerts, along with remediation and mitigation to cover costs if someone steals your identity, you have an added level of protection that’s hard to beat.


A Closer Look at Costs

For all the features and remediation payments if your identity is stolen, you’d expect to pay a lot of money for that peace-of-mind. Surprisingly, the Lifelock and Norton 360 bundle is more affordable than you imagined. Regardless of the level of protection you choose, you can pay for the bundle either monthly or annually, and it starts at just $15 per month, or $150 per year. Lifelock alone is available for only $12 per month.

The different bundles and tiers of protection have different names, which can be confusing. But it is clearly spelled out on their site to help you make a decision on which bundled tier to buy. The “Select” plan starts at $15 per month, or $150 on an annual basis. It includes the basic Norton 360 security features, and Lifelock’s remediation coverage, including $1 million in  fees for lawyers and experts. The Select tier includes $25,000 to cover stolen funds, and another $25,000 to cover any expenses associated with that issue  It also includes US-based experts to help with your identity restoration, along with 24-7 live support and 100 GB of secure online storage, plus protection for 5 devices.

The next tier up is the “Advantage” plan, which includes everything in the “Select” plan and increases the amount to cover stolen funds and expenses to $100,000 each. It also increases your secure online storage to 250 GB, and ups the device protection to 10 devices from 5. This plan costs $25 per month, or $250 per year.

The top bundle is the “Ultimate” plan, and adds all of the top 3 credit bureau monitoring services (the other plans only include Equifax monitoring), 10 device protection  and the maximum insurance benefits. It costs $35 per month, or $350 per year. Unlike other plans, none of the Lifelock and Norton 360 bundles include protection for other family members. You can add children at $5.99 per month each, but a spouse has to have his or her own plan in order to be covered. The other issue is that there is no “free trial period” as you’ll find with other plans.

Here’s the bottom line: with Norton’s powerful security tools and Lifelock’s robust identity theft prevention services, you’ll have one of the top antivirus and the leading identity theft protection services available. If you can afford the extra dollars, go with the Ultimate bundled plan. Just remember that in order to have full identity protection, you must remove your private and financial information from people search sites. The best way to do that automatically is with OneRep. Coupled with the Lifelock and Norton 360 package, you have the ultimate in identity theft protection.

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