Tips for a Beginner Freelancer

by Staff & Contributors

The world of freelancing, like the variety of sports events that you can bet on at the 22Bet Kenya app, is multifaceted and exciting, but it has its pitfalls. How can a newbie survive in this world? How to start successfully?

It’s Very Easy if You Learn the Basic Tips for a Freelancer.

They Do Not Go to Free Bread Empty-handed

Choose a specialization based on your talents and skills. If you’re good at drawing, consider a web design direction. You loved to write essays at school and you are not ashamed of your literacy – you can work with texts. Know foreign languages ​​- you can excel at translations.

Start with what you’re already good at.


The Portfolio Will Simplify the Search for Customers

Each customer will ask you what you have already done, will ask you to show examples, and occasionally will ask about reviews from other customers.

To get started, you need a portfolio of completed works.

Advice for copywriters: do not upload work in the portfolio in text form, this will kill their uniqueness. Take screenshots of texts. 


Find Customers in Different Ways

Look for orders on the sites of freelancers, tell about your activities in social networks, tell your friends about what you are doing, make your own website on the topic of your services, print yourself business cards, and give them to those who may need them your services. In general, “shoot the guns” in all directions, it bears fruit.


Require Technical Specifications from the Customer

Do not take on the execution of an order without a specific technical task (TOR). A task voiced by vague phrases on Skype is likely to be completed incorrectly. Before starting work, discuss with the customer all the requirements and wishes, write them down in a separate file, and follow this document. This will help you avoid unnecessary claims and edits after the work is done.


Discuss all Conditions Before Starting Work

Terms of reference, terms, payment, who will accept the work, how the communication between the project participants will be built, how many improvements you will make, whether the completed work can be placed in a portfolio, etc. It is better to discuss all these things in advance because then there will be fewer “surprises”.


There Should be Many Options to get Paid

The more payment options you offer to the customer, the higher the chance to receive an order. But everything needs a measure. 

Other options for accepting money are possible, but not required.


Know-How to Refuse Orders

Yes, we all need money, but this does not mean that we have to grab onto any job. Choose adequate customers. Unfortunately, there is no better advice.


Organize a Comfortable Workplace

Almost every new freelancer chooses a sofa as a workplace. This creates a nice contrast to the office setting but does not bring it to the good. First, the back and neck quickly get tired in this position. Secondly, lying on the couch, you want to sleep.

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