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In preparation for our latest podcast episode (coming soon), I had to produce a handful of creative and though-provoking questions for my fellow rountablers. Our hope was that these questions would generate entertaining answers, and ideally would entice the listeners to submit their replies as well via social media.

One of the questions I planned to ask was ‘Who is your 80s spirit animal?’. Being children of the 80s, I knew that each of us could easily select an Indiana Jones or Fletch-type pop culture character that we identify with, and I knew that question would stir up some conversation on Twitter and Facebook. I ended up refraining from asking it on the podcast, because I decided it would be more fun to create a quiz that pairs the user with an 80s spirit animal based on their answers.

Thus began my day of research. After Googling ‘website quiz generator’, ‘create online quiz’, and all manner of related keywords, I ended up on Reddit (don’t we all?) where the same three suggestions kept surfacing. I had tried them all, and none of them offered what I envisioned, until I found Interact (@tryinteract) had by far the most user-friendly dashboard and quiz creation platform, and I think anyone who took the quiz we posted yesterday would agree that the user interface is simple and gorgeous.

I opted not to collect user emails via the quiz, but if you run a blog or podcast, or if you would like to generate email leads for any reason, Interact is your best bet. If you run a business or are in sales, try creating a fun quiz targeted at your potential customers. They will have fun clicking and you’ll be able to collect the email contacts of those who take part.

We’ve had a fantastic response to the 80s spirit animal quiz, and I promise there are more to come. I know how creative the readers of this site are- click on over to and create a quiz of your own to share via your social media or your website. You can also check out some quizzes that others have created. There is a no fee trial, and I get nothing for your click, I just want to spread the word about an awesome tool I stumbled upon.

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