Podcast XLIII – The 2012 Pop Culture Olympics

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck on July 26, 2012

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The 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony takes place this Friday in London, England.

Why wait for Friday when you can have all of the grandeur and majesty of the Olympiad here? It’s the 2012 Scoop Olympics!

OK- so there isn’t much majesty, and no grandeur to speak of, but it might be funny!

There was a bit of a mishap involving Tank and the Olympic Torch and the Polish flag, but after the officials got the blaze under control the games began!

Hey, at least this didn’t happen.

Join us as we award gold, silver & bronze medals in 10 pop culture “events”.

Events include:

Sychronized Scooping – pop culture’s best duets

Pole Vault – pop culture’s best strippers

Triple Jump – the best non-Star Wars trilogies of all time

200M Backstroke – pop culture’s biggest falls from grace

‘Pen’tathalon – pop culture’s best writers (pen, get it? hi-o!)

‘Jim’nastics – pop culture’s best “Jims”

Hammer Throw – pop culture’s most fun actors/characters to get drunk with

Fencing – pop culture’s best swordsmen

Shot Put – who in pop culture would you like to put one ‘shot’ in?

Women’s Breaststroke – you guessed it, pop culture’s best breasts


Scoop Olympic athletes include:


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Who will take home Scoop Olympic gold?

Why are we so offended by Tank’s selection in the Breaststroke?

Where can I get one of these sweaters?



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