UnderScoopFIRE Podcast #6 – Top 5 Cartoon & Toy Villains of the 80s

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck on September 15, 2011

in Podcast, The 80s

This edition of the UnderScoopFire podcast is hosted by Howie Decker & Christopher “Googs” Gadawski. We each list our Top 5 Villains of the 80s (movies, toys, tv) – sure to strike up some debates! The focus here is on “80s properties”, not so much movie franchises – but you’ll see what we mean…

Snake Mountain (with microphone) http://bavatuesdays.com/day-92-snake-mountain/

Beast Man print and other amazing comic art by artist Mark A Lone

Tony Carroll IMDB

Soundwave works with Peter Griffin on Family Guy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUJA8TJaEbc

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MsKayotic January 21, 2012 at 6:48 pm

Googs said to come comment on the page telling you all why we love the Transformers franchise and a child of the 80s. My reason is because I didn’t go into the movie with huge expectations. Hollywood destroys everything pure and good. I wanted one thing about the that had to be like the cartoon and that was Optimus Prime’s voice. If they had his voice, I would give it the benefit of the doubt. They did and it was cool for me. Yeah, I agree about Prime speaking today’s lingo… That was shitty. All in all there was an entertainment value to it which I expect from movies. It was okay to watch and it is something I share with my nephew. Those movies has my nephew watching HUB and experiencing Transformers as I did as a kid. It did its purpose which is exposing today’s youth to good cartoons rather than this bullshit they watch now.

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