9 Signs You Might Need to Take a Break from Netflix Instant Streaming

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

Netflix Instant is fantastic, there are some great movies on there. TV shows too! Never has entertainment been so easy to access anytime on any device.

You have to be careful though-too much Netflix is not a good thing. For every Orange is the New Black or House of Cards there’s a stinker lying in wait, ready to seduce you with an eye-catching title or poster. Don’t be fooled. You can waste valuable hours of your life on Netflix Instant Streaming.

Here are 9 signs you might need to pump the brakes on your Netflix Instant consumption:


Because You Watched

Honey, no.


Because You Watched

Shouldn’t there have been a clause in Dean Cain’s Lois & Clark contract that said no one who plays Superman can at any point sully the image of the Man of Steel by doing things like this? And don’t go anywhere Lillard- you’re not off the hook here. Dude, you were so good in Scream. WTF?


You Might Like: Age of Dinosaurs

EVEN THOUGH it stars Treat Williams, if you’re dyin’ for dinos just pop in Jurassic Park. ANY of them. Even III.


You Might Like

Why? Why might you like this? You must’ve done something. What did you do?


Recently Watched

You don’t have kids.


Recently Watched

It’s August.


Because You Watched

Just say it out loud: Air Bud Spikes Back.


Because of What You Did Last Night

Whoa, Netflix! Takin’ liberties with the Patriot Act there, huh?


Because You Watched

Just turn it off, and set down the remote. You’ve done enough.


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