Podcast: Inside eclectik’s Studio with @HowardTheDeck

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

The UnderScoopFire Podcast is closed this week (moose out front shoulda told ya), as our producer extraordinaire took a well-deserved family vacation.

We won’t leave you hanging though! My bet is that a major chunk of our listeners also subscribe to the eclectik discussion Podcast, as we’ve frequently crossed streams in the past. However: if you have yet to have the pleasure, check out the #EDP – if you’re into pop culture with a heavy skew toward “children of the 80s” stuff, quick humor and hilarious drops, you’ll dig it.

On previous episodes, eclectik and I have debated TGIF vs Must See TV and engaged in a Pop Culture Shootout (cleck vs. Deck) but this time we put down the Power Swords and have a friendly discussion. Dancing LEGO Deadpool is excited about it.

I was honored to return as a guest on the show and answer just under 4.2 million questions, each one of them funnier than the last. Check out the episode here and follow @PodcastEDP on Twitter for more. TODAY ONLY: 100% listener satisfaction or your click back!

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