Creator of ‘The Goldbergs’ uses Facebook to Win My 80s Toy Lovin’ Heart

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

Adam F. Goldberg, creator of ABC’s The Goldbergs, used the show’s Facebook page on Thursday to post the following note:

This is the kind of heartfelt and genuine message you don’t see from proud show runners very often. We might get this kind of sentiment from Hollywood types on occasion, but it’s via a prepared interview or press kit. This is a show creator making the best use of social media to connect with fans personally. And the best part? The childhood photo of Adam proudly displaying a collection of 80s toys.

Help me out here kids- I see multiple Voltron lions, what looks like the majority of the car Voltron, and that beautiful Radio Shack Shockwave- the very one I myself owned as a child. And is that a Takara Transformer watch down in front? What else do you see?

If you haven’t checked out The Goldbergs, or if you bailed after an episode or two, give it a shot. If you can get past the fact that background details don’t always chronologically gel, the show itself is entertaining, and the cast is engaging. They seem to have hit their stride with recent episodes. And don’t pin your disinterest on Jeff Garlin’s character’s grating voice- Roseanne spent 9 seasons at or near the top of the network sitcom ratings.

UPDATE: Here’s an inventory of the toys in the pic, from the self-proclaimed #UberNerd Adam F. Goldberg himself:


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